Dickinson’s nod of approval ain’t no laughing matter

We’re told to take a smirking official with a pinch of salt. Can you imagine if it was the other way around?

The fourth official at the League cup semi final between Hearts and theRangers caused a stir yesterday afternoon with his body language after the  latest Ibrox club’s second goal.

David Dickinson, who’s given some controversial calls against ourselves in the past smirked and nodded in approval towards theRangers boss Philippe Clement.

Yes that really happened. In what other country would that be deemed as acceptable? None. That’s the answer. The usual suspects on social media are telling us to shake it off and that we’re paranoid, the usual guff.

But what if it was the other way around? Picture this, Kevin Clancy or Willie Collum turn and smirk at Brendan Rodgers after a Celtic goal, would that be taken with a pinch of salt and laughed off? We know the answer to that one. All hell would break loose. So why should we have to put up with it?

It just further fuels the fire of the so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ not that there is any conspiracy of course as there’s more than enough proof to suggest wrong doing.

There been an ever growing trend of dubious decisions going in the favour of one club. It’s plain to see. Acts like this further prove that something isn’t right. As usual it will be all laughed off. But it certainly ain’t no laughing matter.

Just an Ordinary Bhoy

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  1. Knew what this scumbag was all about from the very first game he was involved with against ourselves.
    Coincidence, my hole.
    Just another to join the line of cheats, where clearly everyone knows where there preferences are, within their decision making?
    This is the horrible face of Scottish football, with so many prepared to stand beside such an ugly mug also.

    • This is the same ref pictured at an orange walk before he started refereeing in the top flight of scottish football. I spotted it on a rangers fb page where some fans couldn’t wait to welcome their “brother.” Others were furious that that it had been posted and told to take it down. I wish I had screenshot the post. Rotten to the core!

    • This really has gone far enough now , VAR ? Video assisted ranger ! ,in any other league this guy would be resigning this morning!
      Sick of being taken for a ride by these cheating barstewards , we pay good money etc to see our team , but we are being short changed by the likes of Dickinson , Beaton , Walsh etc etc etc! And for decades gone by it’s been the same , but not as blatant , now it’s on millions of screens worldwide and we all know what the underlying problem is , STAMP IT OUT CELTIC – GET ON TO THEM PUBLICLY !
      Maybe the Green Brigade can do something in the stands , as our board seem to be quiet on all matters……..
      Maybe a huge banner calling it out? IN BIG FAKKEN LETTERS

  2. That’s the problem! We keep paying good money and our cowardly board do nothing. Well not me, gave up season ticket 2 years ago. Yeah! Yeah! I know someone else took it. Bawless the whole board.