Did he Bottle it? Howe’s chosen Mediocrity but he Misses the Big Opportunity here, not Celtic

Seems to me that Celtic offered Howe everything, his own management team, sure you expect that of any manager but his choice of DOF? That’s a new one to me. Was the jock Stein end to be renamed the Howe end as well? This guy has been given an eternity and had Celtic not been working on an alternative we’d be looking at another Gordon/Forster type scenario.

I also find it unusual that the club have come out and said he is not coming first. He is a talented manager, one that the majority of us wanted but at what price? The more that comes out about this whole saga the more relieved I am it’s not Howe, and I wanted him as well.

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There are many, many talented managers who would jump at the chance to manage Celtic and the “I want my DOF” doesn’t quite add up for me I’d even go as far as saying I’ve never heard of anything like it. Celtic will appoint a top manager though Postecoglu I’ve no idea of his talents but the same can be said of wim Jansen and Venglos.

I get the feeling that Howe was using Celtic to get a job in the EPL and he will probably get one without Hughes as his DOF as well. At the end of the day if Howe cannot work under a guy like Harkin or someone else then he’s no business being Celtic manager. I am angry about the whole thing, hes left us blowing in the wind and thankfully Dom McKay unlike Peter Lawwell hasn’t put all his eggs in one basket it seems. It’s Howe who misses the big opportunity here not Celtic.

Winter – a well known member on Celtic Noise.

I felt that Howe was too lightweight for Celtic. I know a little bit about Ange P and he is way too lightweight for Celtic. Really nice guy and good with the press but no tactical genius. Had they suggested Tony Popovic I might have been slightly more enthusiastic.

Vigobhoy – – a well known member on Celtic Noise.

He must have something about him to lead Australia to 2 World Cups especially when he’s competing against the south Koreans and Japanese. I get the vibe here that people are underratting the Asian game it’s decent, it’s a higher standard than Scotland though that’s not difficult. If it’s to be Ange P give the guy a chance, remember the Wim who? The Dr Jo who? One stopped the ten and between them Henrik and Lubo were acquired. Theres only MSM reports that say its Ange P and theyve been wrong many times. Keep the faith this is no longer Lawwell’s toy thing HH

Winter – a well known member on Celtic Noise.

The suggestion that we should be okay with it because we’d never heard of either wim or dr jo is irrelevant. We’re Celtic and we should be attracting a far bigger name than the new favourite. This guy whatever his pedigree is an unknown to us and he knows little about Scottish football and has no experience of European football. We are 3 weeks from pre season training with half a team.

He will know little about his ‘enforced targets’. The chances of us attracting or keeping players with an unknown coach are greatly reduced. The chances of him succeeding are therefore reduced. It’s a testament to our boards lack of understanding of us supporters feelings that they think they can take such a chance with this appointment and offer us more of the same.

We need someone with experience/gravitas who knows the game here, has actively participated in British/European football and can hit the ground running.

Smelltheglove – a well known member on Celtic Noise.

Ange Postecoglou

All very valid points here. I’m not normally one of the tin-foil hat brigade but this does smell like a bit of a set up. What other team REALLY waits 3 months on a manager to come in? So this gets built up then he says he’s not coming ….and suddenly we get a left field name who may be a decent guy, but NO WAY is he a credible guy to manage us. All doom and gloom and then we get Roy Keane or John Kennedy foisted on us – the plan all along. So SO hacked off at the moment.

On Ange: No experience in European football apart from a small stint in the 3rd division in Greece. He’s journeyed around Australia and Asia for 20 odd years yet never been on anybody’s radar – yet all of a sudden he’s a hidden gem. Now you may be right Winter – maybe he will come in and blow us all away, but really as things stand I can’t see how someone who most people couldn’t pick out of a line up despite being in the game so long is suddenly a credible candidate. Think we’ll have to agree to differ on this one.

SalopCelt – a well known member on Celtic Noise.

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I would say Howe was more concerned about what goes on behind the scenes myself. Any good manager would want to work with people he can trust. Work for people who are prepared to match his ambition for success. Many reasons as to why he has chosen to turn down the offer of a lifetime and will possibly never hear the full truth. Either way it doesn’t excuse how the board have handled this whole fiasco.

John no – a well known member on Celtic Noise.

Well what more than you’re choice of DOF and management team and no Peter Lawwell would he need? Add to that he’s kept us waiting 3 months, strung along and hes bottled it. Rather than take the opportunity of a lifetime and trust in the clubs DOF (I believe that his team were for it) he’s chosen mediocrity and money a recurring theme. We need guys like possibly Ange P who really want the job. HH

Winter – a well known member on Celtic Noise.

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  1. It would be good if people would drop the comparisons with Jansen here. Janssen had played at the highest level for club and country including a World Cup and European Cup Final and was a fixture in one of the best international teams of that decade. He had also managed Feyenoord. The guy Celtic are now on the verge of hiring has been a nonentity both as a player and a manager. The appointment is a disgrace, given that he has done nothing to merit it. I doubt it will last longer than a few months- just long enough to throw away another title

  2. Brian Murray on

    Is there any truth in Fergal Harkin being director of football And the new manager hopeful, both of whom are employed by teams owned by the City Football Group, could this be leading somewhere .Just thinking outloud

  3. I stopped caring about the one opinion when they started using nonsense terms like “too lightweight”

    That’s a phrase someone without an argument uses

  4. David Potter on

    When Billy McNeill was offered the Celtic job in a Clydebank car park in 1987, it took him about a second and a half to make up his mind. You DON’T spend months mulling over the job of Manager of Celtic!

  5. I said it months ago when howe was mentioned, he maybe highly rated but has not won a great deal, promotions with Bournemouth and was sacked at Burnley, no disrespect but the CELTIC job is a million miles bigger than that, I reckon it was to big for him and he’s realised that and found a pathetic excuse to turn it down.

  6. David G. Smith on

    “This guy whatever his pedigree is an unknown to us and he knows little about Scottish football and has no experience of European football. We are 3 weeks from pre season training with half a team.”


    Eddie Who bottled it…….its that simple. He is a percentages man and will always hover around the top of the English Championship and bottom of the EPL.
    Occasionally someone like Everton will take a punt on him but he will win nothing and achieve nothing in his career other than improve his bank balance.

    This shit show is not even the boards fault for they are just the annual AGM box tickers;
    It belongs solely to Dermot Desmond and his goffer Lawell. Their circle of contacts is incestuously small and contrary to what Lawell has been blowing the way of Desmond over the previous 20 years CFC is most definitely not an organisation of “best practice”.

    There are many examples but I digress.

    Mr Ange Postecoglou may or may not be what is required but when you can appoint his predecessor in the showers anything is possible I imagine?

    In truth here is what is probably/currently happening at CFC;

    1. Ange Postecoglou will be appointed on considerably less money than Eddie Who? (see the Lawell personal remuneration structure together with major shareholders dividends)

    2. Said new manager will have no support team and will be given Kennedy and Strachan (again)

    3. The DoF will scout, negotiate and buy the players to be “moneyballed’ on a continuing basis. Ange Postecoglou will be told to just get on with it. For 1M per annum who wouldn’t…….just ask one NFL?

    End game?
    Im sure Ange Postecoglou is a really nice and personable guy but he will do nothing except hold the fort until another “best in class” exercise can be undertaken and CFC can find someone of the MO,BR calibre who will dance to their “moneybag” tune.

    Out with a 100% freeze on directors emoluments, shareholder dividends and upwards of 50M spent on new players (excluding money realised from current/pending sales this coming season will be bleak and may well peter out (sic) the same as the last one; out of Europe completely well before Christmas and trophy less.

    Unless I am completeIy wrong I fully expect the entire top tier of the stadium to be mothballed for the entire season, Covid-19 or not, and both hospitality and merchandising to crash to unsustainable business levels.

    Thereafter Desmond will have to use his own money and not ours or his position (and share value) will become untenable with the stadium unable to maintain itself to the correct levels.

    Perhaps a share value crash is not a bad thing for it would allow us, the supporters, to buy back the club (again) and be rid of the B movie actors we have at present pretending to be masters of industry?

  7. Good to see Eddie Murray’s comments from down under, in a different article on here. One of the things that strikes me about Postecoglou is that he appears to potentially be no nonsense and doesn’t take crap from people. That attitude, combined with a winning record, international experience and experience of doing a clearout and rebuilding……are all good traits.

    It’s not his fault he finds himself in this position and yeah, until he does prove himself, questions will be asked – but I think we should reserve judgement until he’s had a bit of time to adjust and begin rebuild.

    The news about Howe – personally, I was relieved but angry that it took so long and left us in a precarious situation. I could not understand why Howe wasn’t able to commit sooner, even on a pre-contract agreement. The fact he wouldn’t commit to one or that budgets still weren’t clear, meant that he wasn’t a good fit. Equally, inept and amateur from Celtic to not have it locked in better. But we have to move on so it’s better to appoint a coach who is currently working and achieving (and has a lot of experience) at present