Different club, same old Ibrox moonbeams

We all know that it’s a different club but it’s the same old moonbeams coming out of Ibrox…

“It is people’s entitlement. It does not sway me, nor does it put me off – I will still do my job to the very best. I can understand 300 people getting bloody annoyed if they felt there wasn’t a light at the end of the tunnel – but there is a massive moonbeam of success waiting for us” David Murray, 2006

“The chairman Sir David Murray insisted that for every £5 the impoverished Celtic spent, Rangers would splash out a tenner. They had just negotiated one Champions League qualifying round and seen off a string of helpless or hapless Celtic managers – Liam Brady, Lou Macari and Tommy Burns – with Wim Jansen barely threatening to disturb the peace in Smith’s blue heaven,” The Guardian, 2 August 2007

Walter Smith is unveiled by David Murray (L) as the new Rangers manager, at their Murray Park training ground on January 10, 2007.. Smith replaces Paul Le Guen and will be assisted by former Rangers favourite Ally McCoist. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Dodgy Dave  was famous for his old moonbeams. The most famous of course being his famous plans to turn Govan into a mini Las Vegas, and a stadium complete with floating pitch which the Sunday Mail triumphantly splashed all over its pages. Oh how we laughed.

David Murray’s £200m Las Vegas style supercasino plans to transform Ibrox

In the end it was like pretty much everything that came from his mouth, total nonsense, like for every fiver Celtic spend he’ll spend a tenner. How did that one play out Dave? Not that everyone fell for his mini-vegas in Govan story, but the usual suspects in the Scottish mainstream media and their own support certainly did.

ARTIST IMPRESSIONS plans for a ‘super casino’ and hotel 

Fast forward nearly twenty years and the same usual suspects are falling for the same baloney, it might be a different club but the flies it attract are just the same.

James Bisgrove, the CEO of the Rangers announced to supporters that he is considering raising the capacity at Ibrox by twenty thousand, yes twenty thousand, to allow it to hold seventy thousand spectators.

That would of course make it the biggest stadium in league with ten thousand more than Celtic Park, a point Bisgrove made with of course the reference to Celtic included.

They can’t help themselves can they? They strive to be bigger and better than Celtic at everything, we consume them. They just can’t accept that Celtic are the biggest and best side in the country. They are in total denial.

It’s all of course just a rouse to keep the hoards happy. It’s a complete non starter. Why is that? Well further increasing your capacity costs money, a lot of money. Money that they don’t have and cannot even borrow.

Celtic themselves said they couldn’t justify the sum involved when asked about increasing the capacity at Paradise, and Celtic are a well structured well off club, with tens of millions in the bank.

So what chance has a club propped up by loans have of signing off on such a major costly upgrade of their stadium? No chance is of course the answer. It’s just a feel good story for their deluded fan base, but don’t expect them or the media to have the brains to figure that out.

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  1. Moonbeam Murray he didn’t spend a penny it was the banks money pure crook and to this day says he was duped by whyte bigger liar than Boris johnson

  2. Nothing quite like rehashing an old favourite to try and distract us from our own clubs leaders being asleep at the wheel… again.

  3. Unlike yourself I would not totally dismiss this one altogether for a couple of reasons. First thing to say I have not read or seen the interview with the guy from Rangers, but I gather from your Piece it is about increasing the capacity over there.

    First thing. The people in charge over There will have realised we have a major advantage over them in regards to our bigger capacity, they know how they can bridge that gap, they know they can do it, the only question is can they finance it ? I would doubt it, but I would not rule it out altogether.

    What I will say is, if they had a cash surplus of 70 million with the very real prospect of millions more coming in from a expanded CL next year and they could raise some base capital through fans( you know they would invest ) and maybe other sources, naming rights etc, the building would probably have started.

    I can well remember the original moonbeam, it was obviously nonsense, but put yourself in their present predicament, in my opinion it is not a question for them if they should increase capacity, they have to do it.

    Talking of ground capacity, the mere fact our lazy arrogant board are not even looking at it tells you all you need to know about their mind set. I could imagine the question of building on top or replacing our main stand coming up in the boardroom and the first thing that would be asked would be ” where will we sit ” closely followed by will it affect our bonus and dividends.

    Imagine our rivals do indeed manage to do what they are planning, how long do you think it would take before our board announced plans for a 75k ground capacity. Their plans about the ground might turn out to be moonbeam 2.0, we will find out, but remember Murray at the time did not really have to increase capacity, he took another route and just increased the criminality, in a way their present owners do not have a choice, they have to bridge the gap in some way.