Disgraceful refereeing emerges as St Johnstone threaten to topple the Rangers unbeaten record

There’s often talk about VAR being introduced into Scottish football, but clearly there’s no need if the ref can decide to overturn their own decision with the help of a linesman who is 40 yards away.

The Rangers looked like their unbeaten record was in danger tonight as St Johnstone started the better team, but they failed to take advantage of that and the inevitable sucker punch arrived.

The Saints immediately hit back as Shaun Rooney broke through on goal and a penalty was awarded, while it also looked like it had to be a red card as it’s a clear goalscoring opportunity and no attempt was made to play the ball.

Liam Craig was even standing over the penalty kick to take it, but the ref then decided he couldn’t live up to sticking by his decisions and decided to take the easy way out instead of producing the red:

In fairness to the referee Euan Anderson he’s proven himself to be incompetent on multiple occasions so it’s not a shock, but it might be his worst yet.

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