Disrepute Charges! The Scottish FA, Bending over Backwards for Rangers

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THE SCOTTISH FA are in a complete and utter mess trying to justify a series of decisions that have left officials, players, referees, managers and supporters entirely baffled.

It is clear that the SFA don’t understand the rules of the game – indeed they have now actually approached FIFA for help, according to a report on one of the red tops this morning.

Or maybe they do understand the rules but find it difficult enforcing them against one club in particular.

It’s all quite simple, really.

If Steve Clarke and Kilmarnock have breached the rules – the manager for what he said and the club for publishing it on their website – then look at what Steven Gerrard – after his FIRST game – said at Pittodrie re referees having it in for Rangers for YEARS. That was on the Rangers website. Yet the Scottish FA did NOTHING.

Had they brought Gerrard to task rather than being afraid to do so then the rule book would be valid, and perhaps Clarke and Killie would have had more respect for it.

Morelos kicked the Aberdeen player and this time he got caught. He kicked a Thistle player twice last season in a match and a Celtic player once (Dedryck Boyata in the 5-0 match). All three kicks were caught on camera. One red card for four kicks (the first three were before the FIFA rule ‘change’ incidentally), is not a bad outcome for the Rangers ‘striker’ but no, they threw the toys out of the pram and appealed and predictably enough, the Scottish FA yielded to Ibrox pressure.

Then we had former Rangers player Naismith, who admitted later that ‘red mist’ had come down when he kicked Jonny Hayes then screamed in his face. Naismith of course had escaped a red for an assault on Scott Brown in Celtic’s previous visit to Tynecastle.

Some guy at the BBC found mobile phone footage from a Hearts fan of Scott Brown in the most recent match that from the supporters angle suggested that the Celtic skipper had used an elbow against Naismith in the recent game. TV evidence though provided better footage that indicated he didn’t. Yet the Scottish FA considered both incidents together and decided that there would be no punishment for Naismith who kicked a player or Brown who did nothing wrong. Justice, SFA style.

Then we had the Glasgow Derby. Two Celtic players booked for their first “fouls” in the match when in fact neither were free kicks. Brown was the victim of Lafferty cheating – the Rangers man ‘gambled’ and took a massive dive knowing that the referee would probably accept his bet. Lafferty had of course got away with a blatant stamp on Lustig’s ankle which Collum missed but the cameras didn’t – yet the Scottish FA did nothing.

Edouard was booked for being fouled, but let’s just put that down to Collum’s incompetence.

Celtic won the match 1-0 and the goal caused a great deal of controversy with the Rangers manager making very specific claims about what the Fourth official was shouting on the touchline and the Rangers player involved in the coming together with Tom Rogic deep inside the Celtic half, later claiming that the referee should be demoted.

The Scottish FA again did nothing.

Then there was the best one of all. Allan McGregor violent kicking action with his studs going into Kristoffer Ajer’s hips. Unnecessary, violent and outrageous. As clear a red card as you could get – even Gerrard said it was a red card offence after the game. The Scottish FA look at this – with their three former referees on a secret panel – and they decreed that McGregor should escape punishment.

It is that decision that has thrown the Scottish FA into crisis.

After the international break, the Scottish Premiership resumes this weekend. Celtic travel to Paisley tomorrow to play St Mirren in the Friday night match. The action all ‘kicks’ off with all of this hanging over the game in Scotland:

Gerrard can say what he likes and so can his players (e.g. Jack).

Kicking is allowed so long as you are a Rangers player or even an ex-Rangers player kicking a Celtic player. That works too.

Every decision that Rangers don’t like will involve their pack attacking the officials who know that the Scottish FA don’t have the balls to stand up to them.

This is a mess caused by the Scottish FA bending over backwards to accommodate one club and one club only.

Every club in the league should back Steve Clarke and Kilmarnock and the Scottish FA’s new procedure for asking three former referees (Kenny Clark) to judge on matters like McGregor’s kick with no accountability whatsoever, needs to be scrapped.

As it stands the Scottish FA should be charging themselves with bringing the game into disrepute.

Incidentally this is what they all fear and why it’s only going to get worse the closer we get to the Ten.

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