Don’t turn our noses up at loan signings, provided they are quality players

We shouldn’t be against loan signings, as long as they are quality players…

It’s looking more likely that any late potential signings made by the club will be loan signings. That is something I think we could all get on board with as long as the players in question are of genuine quality and will add something to the Celtic starting XI.

 Charly Musonda of Celtic is seen prior to the Scottish Premier League match between Celtic and Heart of Midlothian at Celtic Park on January 30, 2018. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Quality being the key word though as we’ve had some very underwhelming loan deals throughout the years. The name of Nat Philipps still sends the shivers down the spines of the Celtic supporters. In the past there’s also been the likes of Jeremy Toljan, Jonjoe Kenny, Charly Musonda, and Oli Burke who all arrived in Glasgow on short term deals, but ultimately flattered to deceive.

But we’ve also had some big name decent loan signings in our time with box office names such as Robbie Keane and Craig Bellamy. Odsonne Edouard was of course a loanee before he signed and became a fans favourite, the same as Cameron Carter Vickers and Jota most recently. So it shows we can get the quality needed that can make an instant impact even if it’s only for a temporary basis.

We aren’t in the position to turn our noses up at any potential player joining on loan, but they’ve got to be in the mould of a Robbie Keane or Cameron Carter Vickers and not a Oli Burke or another Nat Phillips.

Hopefully any loanee can make as big an impact as the former pair and not the latter.

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  1. Martin Blackshaw on

    I honestly don’t believe that the Celtic Board will even sanction quality loan signings. I think there is a real sickness in these Board members, a psychological problem whereby their love of money has led them to hoard club profits well beyond what can be considered reasonable. Make no mistake, this failure to invest in the team is the result of an unwholesome greed for larger bonuses and it’s damaging Celtic as a business, as well as a football club. What happened in the summer transfer window, and again now in this window, is abnormal for any club. It’s almost as if the Board is deliberately trying to destroy the club and hand the advantage to Rangers. Ludicrous, I know, but it’s the only explanation that makes any sense.

    When I think of all the decent players available this month, players who could do a good job for Celtic and fall within this so-called “model” the Board invented to keep spending down and progress stemmed, Brendan Rodgers’ excuses in the media are just so many fallacies that he, like an obedient servant of the Board, is spouting to pull the wool over the eyes of the fans. No one is blind to it, however, everyone sees exactly what this Board is up to and how Rodgers is failing catastrophically to address, if only for his reputation’ sake.

    Unless some miracle is pulled off in the next few days to get those much-needed quality players in the door, Celtic are going to find it extremely difficult to keep a newly-inspired and well-recruited Rangers at bay this year. The Ross County game at Parkhead was yet another stark warning that Celtic is vulnerable right now. If they lose the league this year and consequently those lucrative profits from next season’s new-look Champions League, then it is certain that the vast majority of fans will demand at least the instant sacking of Brendan Rodgers and the Lawwell clan. Ultimately, they will rightly be seen as the front line spectres at the feast who did immense harm to Celtic in the 23/24 season.

  2. God forgive me for even thinking Celtic not winning the league would get rid of rodgers and the lawwells in the long term would be a good thing.

    • Martin Blackshaw on


      It’s a bad day indeed when Celtic fans have to contemplate Celtic losing the league as the only way the club can get rid of these leeches in the Boardroom, but that, tragically, is where we are now. The contempt of the Directors, not to mention Rodgers, their apologist in the media, are showing for the fanbase that keeps them in business is just astounding. The window closes on Thursday and Dermot Desmont is on the other side of the Atlantic playing golf with Rory McIlroy. That just sums up what he and his Board buddies think of Celtic and its fans. Time for radical change!