Door opens for Celtic to sign Bojan Miovski before window closes

The Football Macedonia account has helpfully proved the perfect pitch for Celtic supporters to use to enlighten the Celtic board on the logic in bringing in Aberdeen striker Bojan Miovski by close of transfer window business tomorrow night. They state:

Bojan Miovski – 22/23 Season: 42 Games, 18 Goals and 3 Assists

Bojan Miovski – 23/24 Season: 33 Games, 18 Goals and 4 Assists

On track to improve his output considerably in a much poorer Aberdeen side.

What a striker.

Aberdeen today sacked Barry Robson and his management team and of course Celtic are the visitors to Pittodrie this weekend. Celtic should have our proposed new signing Adam Idah in the squad, provided there is no last minute hitches. Rocco Vata may or may not be there to, with both potentially providing cover for Kyogo, who it has to be said is not on the best of form at the moment.

30th January 2024 Pittodrie. Scottish Premiership, Aberdeen versus Dundee Bojan Miovski of Aberdeen celebrates after scoring for 1-0. Photo ActionPlus David Young

Looking at Football Macedonia’s reminder on Bojan Miovski’s stats is exactly why we have repeatedly urged Celtic to look at bringing in the player. Aberdeen are looking to sell players within their player trading model and Miovski will move on sooner, rather than later. Much the same way as we as a support recognise that Matt O’Riley is likely to be away in the summer.

Celtic’s best chance of signing Bojan Miovski – who would provide real competition to Kyogo for the top striker’s spot – is now. Celtic don’t have an option to buy Adam Idah from Norwich City in the deal that has now been agreed, so the Irishman is clearly a stop-gap signing.

BRISTOL, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 03: Adam Idah of Norwich City celebrates after scoring the team’s second goal during the Sky Bet Championship match between Bristol City and Norwich City at Ashton Gate on December 03, 2023 in Bristol, England. (Photo by Ryan Hiscott/Getty Images)

Having Kyogo and Oh as the only two strikers at the club has shown to be insufficient and Brendan Rodgers has asked for quality additions. Bojan Miovski ticks that box and the turmoil at Pittodrie may also unsettle the player and a last minute move from Celtic could not only strengthen our squad by adding a top quality performer – proven in this league – but also raise everyone’s spirits.

The mood around the support at the moment is terrible, we heard that on Saturday and this window is now being compared to the notorious Willo Flood January window – and the title was lost that season as a result.

Go get Bojan Miovski, it makes perfect sense. The more fire-power we have over the next few months the better.

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The Celtic Star founder and editor David Faulds has edited numerous Celtic books over the past decade or so including several from Lisbon Lions, Willie Wallace, Tommy Gemmell and Jim Craig. Earliest Celtic memories include a win over East Fife at Celtic Park and the 4-1 League Cup loss to Partick Thistle as a 6 year old. Best game? Easy 4-2, 1979 when Ten Men Won the League. Email


  1. Martin Blackshaw on

    I think it is now perfectly evident that the Celtic Board are not remotely interested in good quality buys like Miovski. The Adam Idah loan deal from Norwich shows that they are only interested in the cheapest possible “project” deals, which is why they let Sydney van Hooijdonk go to Norwich while they take the rubbish that club wants to offload. There is not a hope in hell that Miovski will be signed for Celtic and, frankly, I don’t think there’s a hope in hell of Celtic keeping a hold of the title this year.

  2. IMO these stories/rumours that filled the sports pages December and January were planted by Lawwell with help from his pals in the SMSM.
    I don’t believe we have ever considered all these “stars” in the first place.
    Lawwell was always going for the cheaper option, these directors could maybe run a business successfully, but when it comes to a football club they are rank amateurs.

  3. I think it’s time that we are given the details of board members favourite football club before joining Celtic, or if they have at anytime been associated with any Masonic lodge.
    I’m of the opinion that we are being down graded in order for the the other club to become champions this season and therefore gain the huge riches that may be available from automatic champions league entry.
    My other concern is that signing so many Japanese and Korean players no matter how good they are is going to leave us with the bare bones of a team for a possible 6 weeks every winter.
    The SPFL have now said that from next season there will not be a winter break which only adds to the amount of games we could play without half of our first team starting 11

    • Martin Blackshaw on

      James Reilly,

      It sounds so conspiratorial, but I wonder if you might have a point. Given that the directors of both Celtic and Rangers are in the game first of all to make profit, it is absolutely possible that they like to switch power around at the top of the league in order to prevent a one-horse league, which would eventually turn investors and sports promotors off Scottish football. You may well have hit on something there and it would certainly explain the Celtic Board’s otherwise inexplicable behaviour with signings. We’ll soon have a better idea if Rangers surge ahead of Celtic in the second half of the season.

    • The Asian Cup is once every 4 years, it was suppose to be in the summer but sometimes it is held in the winter

  4. Just how many players are really that interested in joining our club now, with the current state of affairs in place?
    We have been regarded as a good career for a talented younger player?
    Is that even the case now currently with how this season is unfolding to date?
    Seeing very talented established players, suddenly stalling within there playing careers in performance levels on a consistent basis, really starting to raise serious questions about the coaching and management set up at present imo?
    New players getting disregarded by management and supporters alike, is hardly making us an attractive prospect to be joining either presently imo?
    Coincidence that it’s grown to this state with a total shitshow on view, so quickly since the return of Rodgers?
    Doesn’t take much for ourselves to start banging the anti board drums either these days to add to the whole horrible Celtic experience yet again?
    Gave up years ago upon trying to be pleased with the decision making of a board that I still don’t believe will really have the supporters hearts in mind?
    Therefore to keep sane, or attempt to try to, have had to keep the focus upon what goes on within the pitch, so focus is mainly upon the player’s and manager?
    After the worst feeling ever about the whole 10iar season, it was so welcome to have a return to the enjoyment and success the last 2 seasons gave to us all?
    Yet within 6 months we are back to them 10iar season feelings again?
    Actually was stupid enough to think that wouldn’t return to ourselves again, certainly not this quickly anyway?
    Of course we are still in a much better position than the 10iar season bought ourselves, but the standard of play we have been subjected to, on to many occasions already this season is totally unacceptable imo?
    Who’s to blame for the current shitshow is starting to become a split opinion, which is never a good place for any club to find themselves in, least of all ourselves, mid season?
    Personally starting to feel that it potentially could do with a total clear out for all those responsible, for creating such a state within the club that should never have been allowed to rare its ugly head again for ourselves?
    What is this title all about now?
    Should be about winning a proper 55 titles in one go?
    But starting to feel like just stopping Hun scum from automatic entry to CL will be more of a relief than a celebration come the end of the season?
    As much as it’s been a rapid downturn within the club, and the feel good factor has been evaporated away, it also could return just as quickly also?
    Not overly confident it will, regardless of winning this title, as still believe that we are still the best team in Scotland by some distance still imo?
    Is it really to much to be asking to see it be properly put into action?
    Seems so presently imo,

  5. This is more or less same pool Postacoglu had.Kyogo has not struggled or lost form,it’s the players around him who don’t have a clue,he made four runs last game,and ended up going across the line because nobody can pick out a pass,as for our Board shower of Tory clowns.

  6. Miovski is not what Celtic need, he is not the presence required. You all read hearsay articles from SMSM and social media and think you know who Celtic try to buy. There were 3 positions looked at this window a LB and looks like Liverpool scuppered than one to make sure they have cover for the league run in regarding Owen Beck. A winger with pace which has been sorted. A powerful striker with presence which even though a loan seems to be sorted though like most signings the keyboard football analysts sitting in their bedrooms have already made their minds up that he’s a dud.

    This was never going to be the window for permanent signings, transfers across Europe has been minimal. The EPL has had its quietest window in a a long time think less than £50M spent.

    Rodgers stated he wanted ‘Quality’ within the next two windows, nothing was mentioned we would get those permanent this window.

    People need to chill and its pure comedy reading these comments no wonder we’re a laughing stock at the moment.

  7. Even as a “Celtic Da,” I’m very concerned by the inactivity of our board in this window.

    Our greatest ever manager always insisted on how this game is simple.

    Simply put, our club has £70m of our money in the bank and 15 league games remaining to win a £60m prize.

    Simply put, there are currently two players in our league who would guarantee us the goals in those dozen or so games, and yet we aren’t prepared to pay under £4m to aquire one of them.

    Now, if our embryo neighbours were in our financial position, they would sign BOTH of them……

    Quite simply, whoever is responsible for this car crash of a window can not survive their position’s, whether we win the league or not……


  8. Kyogo not in the best of form, you say?
    Maybe because the service to him is plain awful. A battalion of wingers who couldn’t cross the road, never mind the ball and a midfield who, led by McGregor, can only go sideways or backwards and NEVER fashion a proper ‘through ball’, never find an incisive pass. No wonder Kyogo isn’t scoring!!

    • Yes same as arsenal , playing crab football sideways or back don’t lose the ball , and they don’t know how to make a forward pass or when they do it’s too slow and offside when it comes off we say it’s a wonder goal HH .

  9. We’re not buying Miovski or Shankland because the board have already decided that Kyogo and Oh are the designated 1st and 2nd strikers, buying anyone as good as Miovski would upset that balance, and we just gave Kyogo a new deal last summer.
    Thats probably what the board thinks imo, and on this issue, I’d agree with them.

    Its more about the service for Kyogo which is why he isn’t scoring as much.