Elena Sadiku’s focus turns to Monday’s vital match against the Rangers

You can listen to what Elena Sadiku had to say to The Celtic Star about last night’s 2-2 draw with Glasgow City below…

And here’s what Elena had to say to the media after the game: “I think it is how we play the game and how much we created. The last goal we let in is too bad. It comes from a throw-in where our three centre-backs with her all the way and then gives them a gap at the back post, so I am very disappointed with that goal.

“We created and we played our football and that is something I am proud of. We were fearless, the intensity and the pressure show how we can address the game. That is something we need to bring into Monday’s game but mostly it is about doing some recovery now.

“Murphy had a great chance and Caitlin had a great chance that I thought was a goal and Tash has some shots that she should maybe do a bit better with. The second goal should not happen. I don’t think they had enough to win the game. That is my feeling right now.

“I think the aim is still the same. We always wanted to go into that one to win the game. If you want to go into a game and protect it because you are two points ahead, it is not something you want to do.

“We already knew that. Even if we were two points ahead or not, we would have wanted to win the game. It is always about winning and that is not going to change,” the Celtic manager said.

On Glasgow City appearing happy to settle for a share of the points, that clearly surprised the Swede.

“I don’t understand about how they can be happy to be 2-2. They should be going to try and win the game. But if this is what they want to do, then this is what they want to do.”

Here’s the Celtic FC Women manager’s post-match thoughts, talking to Celtic TV:

I’ll outline my own thoughts on last night’s game and where it leaves us ahead of the vital game against theRangers on Monday, next on The Celtic Star.

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