Emilio, Celtic loves you more than you will know…

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A very happy birthday to Emilio, Celtic loves you more than you will know…

Still love this fitting tribute…

There was a time when I held sway.

I strove for my team and heard the songs in my ears.

My time in the sun.

All my world was on that park and with the bhoys around.

I had travelled half way the world to be here and had found my home.

I shone brightly and the light reflected on my comrades.

At last the shadow fell and a bright new star lit the heavens, I shrank and was lost.

It would have been easy to skulk away, but I saw hope in the young star and swore to mentor him.

He grew and I walked behind in the cold and dark, but I kept hope in my heart, one last call would come.

And so it came to pass that the young sun was eclipsed by a great misfortune and in the wilderness I heard the call.

From my secret store I brought out my sacred hoops, kept pristine throughout the sadness.

At the lowest time I was called back and once more I shone for those I love.

I came back for a short time and I have given my all.

I came back to play for Celtic, remember me.

My name is – Emilio.


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