Emphatic Reaction to Neil Lennon’s Astonishing Attack on a ‘New Breed’ of Celtic Supporters

Neil Lennon’s controversial interview in The Times today in which he had a go at a ‘New Breed’ of Celtic supporters and blamed the entire support for having an unhealthy obsession with the failed Ten in a Row objective, was always going to have resulted in a resumption of the old tensions from last season and supporters wanting to respond to what the former manager has been saying, something which we’ve already done ourselves this morning, see below…

READ THIS…“A new breed of supporters that I had nothing in common with and who belie the values of the club,” Neil Lennon

So let’s have a wee look at some of the comments that Neil Lennon’s interview has had, Tin Hats on for Lennon and the Celtic Board!

“Not a single word on Ferencvaros, Cluj or Copenhagen. How convenient,” Joe McHugh (Video Celts).

“Might also have dropped in home and away pumpings by Sparta Prague and 7 points dropped in the league out of 12, including possibly one of the most insipid performances in living memory vs the rotten mob,” Fundilski Mundelski.

“Neil Lennon confirms in an interview what went wrong last season the reason for us not doing 10 in a row and it turns out… It was me! Am sorry about that troops ma bad. Paid 600 quid for a season ticket never got in once and cost us the league I’ve had a shocker,” Boyle.

“Neil Lennon as Tommy Burns: “They’re there and they’re always there, and I hate every single one of them,”” Glokta.

“Neil Lennon’s interview in the Times is exactly what we’d expect from Neil Lennon. Everyone else’s fault but his. Fans to blame because they shouted at the players and poor Peter and Dermot got their feelings hurt. Just fade into insignificance Neil, now isn’t a good time,”  McMachiavelli.

“Neil Lennon blaming fans even though he was terrible at his job is predictable. Must be hard to rationalise your own failure and accept your meagre limitations in a profession you think your elite in,” Bhoys Analytics

“Another Neil Lennon classic. I honestly can’t believe I have been hounded numerous times for refusing to show respect to a man who has continuously refused to accept responsibility and treated fans with absolute contempt this past year. So out of touch with reality it’s scary,”  Kieran Auld.

“Today’s quotes put to be bed any dewy eyed notion that Neil Lennon was hard done by. He didn’t understand what the 10 meant; he thinks previous success was a trade off for abject failure this season. Fans demand and deserve better than he provided,” Fitzy.

“Reading Neil Lennon’s comments this morning is like flashing back to January/February. It’s clear that a few months away from the situation hasn’t altered the fact that he’s choosing to believe his own narrative over the reality of what occurred last season,” Marc McArdle.

“I’m a new breed of supporter, yet I was at Celtic Park before Neil Lennon was? Strange,” Connor Twigg.

I loved Neil Lennon as a player. The fight, desire, passion. As a manager he sat in the dugout with his feet up watching us get beat. Interviews like this, living on the success of previous managers while taking no ownership are insulting and disrespectful,” Ashleigh.

“Every time Celtic have a big match coming up or a player signing or a manger coming in there is always a story in the media to put the club down. Neil Lennon blaming everyone but himself in an interview is hardly surprising.
Fans didn’t blow the 10 neil you and players did,” Ryan Clifford.

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  1. Lennon, you are a new breed of Celtic fan. You supported Liverpool before you signed for Celtic

  2. Its time this site and others of the same ilk where closed. Neil Lennon is correct in his assessment of the new support that follows out team.
    I stood and experienced the Green Brigade stand in silence when we played Dunfermline, even when we scored an equaliser. The same group have a core of anti Israelite attitudes under the banner of freedom fighters as well as being continuously fined for their behaviour.

    We have another group who are basically looking for a player or management member to slaughter with comments not befitting the Celtic family on a week to week basis.
    I’ve only followed Celtic for over 65 years and I have seen this core of so called “SUPPORTERS” do and say everything that has got nothing to do with SUPPORT (yes I know they pay their money) so we maybe should call them financiers rather than supporters.

    You see, during my years in this family I have experienced 2 European finals, 1 Europa Final, accchhh I don’t want to go on but I am sure you know our history.

    I apologise in advance for any offence caused by my comments but as a TIM I look on Celtic as my family, and it pains me more to see, hear and witness the rubbish that comes from the NEW SUPPORT.

    I don’t recognise them and the obviously don’t recognise me or my views.

    Yours in Celtic


  3. The board didn’t act because as we. Ow know the board were caught with their pants down!! No plan B no other manager to replace him. Shambles. Even they tried to blame us by saying we are privileged