Even Alex Rae is starting to realise this title is going down as Celtic’s in the history books

If ever there was a club who feel entitled to just pick and choose what goes down in history then of course it’s the Rangers, but even they might struggle to combat this one.

Alarm bells should be ringing when supporters have been reduced to pleading with the authorities to let us all pretend that the season didn’t happen, but other European leagues are starting to set an example.

We’ve all seen the SFA will never be strong enough to lead, so they will follow what others do – and today’s ruling from Belgium is very interesting.

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Club Brugge have been awarded the title and the season has ended today, so there’s no excuse for not handing the title to Celtic if play can’t resume over here.

Even Alex Rae sounded like a defeated man on Twitter as his campaign to destroy the integrity of the league runs out of steam:

It feels like one almighty stretch to say that he had any credibility anyway, but he lost any remaining shreds a couple of days ago when he started citing examples from rugby as one for the Scottish Premiership to follow.

It would be naive to think this will go away quietly – we are talking about a club that literally died but refuses to remember that – but the inevitable reality that is a ninth straight title for Celtic has started to sink in.

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