‘Are we ever going to learn?’ it’s an unhappy Celtic Noise tonight

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CELTIC supporters have been giving their reaction to tonight’s hugely disappointing 3-1 defeat to Red Bull Salzburg over on the new fans forum Celtic Noise…

Stubhy67…Another disappointing away night in Europe, that we’re used to but doesn’t get any easier. Started brilliant and contained the Austrians to long range shots.

Then the second half starts and it’s like night and day. We sat too deep but Lustig hesitated and that was enough for the cross to come in for the first one and the second one nobody on the attacker and plenty of time to cross it in.

To me again basic things, yes they had all the possession but you have to concentrate for the full game and if you don’t learn to do this then you’ll never make it at the top level.

Hate seeing us lose but in that manner if never gets any easier.

The Shamrock…We should be more concerned about the miserable state we’re in on the pitch and forget worrying about Murrayfield. If we continue like this the Treble Treble and 10iar will be gone.

Digger…Not too disappointed by to-nights result, yes at times our passing was bad and one or two of ours need to get in gear too lackadaisical for this level we looked a lot better when the two youngsters came on. Forrest unlucky but had to do what he did. I think it will be a different game at Celtic Park.

Vigobhoy…I thought Hendry was absolute mince with no redeeming qualites…. just a poor player. No right to be at Celtic. Lustig not far behind.

Some folks like Mulumbu but I think he is less than ordinary. Our midfield forgot to turn up. We gave them total control of midfield.

Eduard apart from a great bit of work in the first 2 minutes forgot where he was for the rest of his time on the pitch. He gave the right back free reign to run up the pitch all night and if the ball came back at him by mistake he was offside or lost the ball when played up to him.

If we do not sort out this back line we might have to kiss goodbye to KT. He won’t want to stick around with guys like Hendry behind him. Might as well take the money. I am so disappointed by that performance (or lack of).

Speyside Lhad…It all boils down to failing to invest, rather than strengthen what we had we lost possibly our 3 best attacking players in Dembele, Armstrong and Roberts so those who expected us to perform well away in Europe against a team unbeaten at home for almost 50 games and who reached the semis last season, maybe full of hope but there is nothing to base that hope on.

dmac…Another poor display in Europe the problem is we don’t seem to be learning anything from the losses. It’s too easy for teams to go at us we just seem unable to defend as a team for 90 minutes.

Richybhoy…Better team won, red card and penalty bit harsh I thought. Can beat them in Glasgow I think. Just hope the Austrians playing in Glasgow tonight are as decent as Salzburg. If I remember rightly Rapid Vienna are no friends of ours. Pretending a bottle hit one of their players. I think we were winning 3-1. The game had to be replayed at Old Trafford and their goalie got punched into the goal by a pitch invader. Still, I hope they pump Sevco.

What do you think? Join in the conversation now over on the new Celtic fans forum Celtic Noise…


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