Experience got Celtic over the line, Adam Idah’s increasing valuation

Yesterday’s Scottish Cup Final win mirrored our season as a whole. We weren’t at our best, but our experience and ability got us over the line and won us the Double…

As the dust settles on yesterday’s dramatic late win against theRangers in the Scottish Cup Final at Hampden, we can sit back, relax and review yet another successful campaign.

As for the game itself, it was hardly a classic. In fact the game mirrored our overall season in that we weren’t at our best, but our experience and ability got us over the line.

For a while it looked like it wasn’t going to be our day, as theRangers seemed to gain more momentum and confidence the longer the game remained goalless. However Joe Hart had nothing much to do except defend their corners.

But like all good sides, the players never gave up, and stuck to the task, grabbing the opportunity when it was presented. The man who took that opportunity was Adam Idah who was quickest to react to Jack Butland spilling a shot from fellow substitute Paulo Bernardo.

The second that ball hit the back of the net, we all knew there was no coming back from theRangers. The on loan Norwich man had written his name into Celtic folklore and how we enjoyed it as we partied away in celebration of yet another honour in the history of this fantastic football club.

Afterwards Brendan Rodgers gave the clearest indication that he wants Michael Nicholson to sign Idah on a permanent deal from Norwich City and that goal to win the Scottish Cup for Celtic will strengthen the Carrow Road club’s bargaining position when it comes to price negotiations.

Idah was reported to be available for £3m when he signed for Celtic on a short term loan, having been unable to command a place in the Norwich side. That price was talked up to £5m in recent weeks as Idah helped Celtic secure the Scottish Premiership title and yesterday’s winner will know doubt put another £1m on the Norwich valuation.

Que the Celtic Board sticking in a lowball off of £1.5m…(LOL).

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  1. When Rodgers returned back into the club, I did expect a few extra dimensions to be added to our overall play?
    “Winning Ugly” has certainly become one, especially when applied on many occasions throughout this campaign imo?
    Yet it’s totally acceptable when applied against the scum to win another trophy, the same as it would be in winning one off CL matches next season?
    Didn’t expect our performance to be so sub standard yesterday, with so many of our players nowhere near there capabilities of performance.
    But does that really matter, when the right results are gained in one off matches, that cup matches and the new format that the CL will bring next season?
    So yes valuable experience has been gained throughout this season, in adding an extra dimension to our overall game, that will still be a requirement for ourselves, especially even moreso next season imo?
    As for Idah becoming a permanent signing, think the majority now would say it is a no brainer, and with the money available it seems impossible as to why that deal can’t be done imo?
    If Rodgers wants idah then this is nothing more than a case of weather the board are prepared to back Rodgers or not?
    A fair few I was with yesterday were saying if Rodgers was to be mentioned in some of the big EPL jobs that are starting to become available now, then he would be off again at a shot?
    Somehow, I don’t think he will be this time around imo?
    There will be numerous changes made to the team that finished this season in a successful manner, and the question now is going to be, is to what degree?
    With maybe as many of 10 players currently under contract who don’t seem to be part of Rodgers future plans, then offloading such players still remains fairly high on our summer agenda imo?
    Hopefully to be replaced with players who will fit in easier to Rodgers methods and style of football, who so many of our established players seemingly struggling to adjust to throughout this campaign imo?
    Didn’t think idah would do as well as he has for ourselves, as seen nothing within him as a player with the Republic to suggest he would?
    Now that view has changed to looking like a very decent investment for ourselves, and should be done imo?