Exposed – ‘Staunch’ Scot Gardiner’s Null and Void Plot, and remember Easter Sunday on The Celtic Star

SCOT GARDINER’S plan all alone was to Null and Void the entire season across the Scottish divisions – even though that would cost the club that employs him as their CEO – a considerable sum of money.

It would however help the club that he supports and as The Celtic Star reported on Easter Sunday, the club he hopes to work for when all of this is finally over. Gardiner, simply put, led the charge to null and void the season and in doing so would have been the hero who stopped Celtic winning 9-in-a-row and heading into next season with a brilliant chance of getting the Ten.

The Daily Record lay bare the ulterior motives that have been behind the assault on SPFL CEO Neil Doncaster and the SPFL’s in house legal advisor Rod McKenzie, presumably because it was these two who dismissed the Null and Void option out of hand because of the damage it would do to the Scottish game.

Doncaster ruled out null and void and look what happened next

Reading the Daily Record article you really do get a sense that all the dots have now been joined and with the statements from the likes of Brechin – which has the backing of ten second division clubs, and Dunfermline being released yesterday the silent majority of clubs in Scottish football are at last finding their voice and will hopefully today stamp out this devious plot that has resulted in a civil war in Scottish football at a time when the clubs really do have more – much more – to worry them.

And check out the brown brogues and the stanch pose from Gardiner in this article. Gardiner’s plot would have cost cash-strapped Inverness Caley Thistle £175k, this just months after they were begging fans for support to avoid administration as they had run out of cash. Gardiner is not a Director at Inverness Caley Thistle, just an employee and with his eyes seemingly fixed on a move to Govan their plight would have been someone else’s problem.

The Daily Record Sport has “learned in the build-up to that vote Gardiner had informed other Championship clubs he had drawn up a counter proposal which he intended to table had the Dens Park stuck to their guns and brought the SPFL’s survival plan crashing down.”

And they go on to state that Gardiner’s plan would have seen the season null and voided, preventing relegation for Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer while also potentially stopping Celtic, Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers from being crowned champions of their respective divisions.


The Record quote a Championship club who well and truly let the cat out of the bag.

“Scot’s proposal was to effectively null and void all four divisions. When you consider the catastrophic financial ramifications for all clubs it was hard for anyone to understand his motivation. Even now it’s still impossible to figure out what Inverness Caley Thistle thought they would gain from doing that.”

Here is a reminder of the EXCLUSIVE article that The Celtic Star  published on Easter Sunday about Scot Gardiner and what he was up to…. SEE HERE.

And those shoes Gardiner is wearing are a giveaway, according to Tommy on Twitter.

A few other comments are worth noting.

“Can’t believe the way Rangers and Inverness have behaved during this pandemic. Absolute utter embarrassment the both of them!”

“Funny how it seems to be emerging that the ones screaming about corruption and bullying, appear to be the ones guilty of corruption and bullying.”

“The old saying, the louder you shout, the more you have to hide.”

“Credit Shug Keevins he’s got it spot on for a change…it’s all about stopping 9IAR…”

“Again…I don’t why people are still going on about null & void? Are they stupid? How many times do the authorities have to repeat the fact, IT IS NOT AN OPTION!
Honestly, it’s staggering how thick some people are. I can only assume they’re blinded by resentment or jealousy.”

“Let’s remember this guy when football starts up again Celtic.”

“When the smokin gun has gone off don’t be looking into the barrel at the time Mr Gardiner.”

“There we have it, put simply, cheating! Not only that but the Govan mob wanted guys to lose their jobs, not because they did anything wrong but because their view was null n void wasn’t an option. Hefty punishment for Rangers, points deduction minimum and Gardiner sacked by ICT.”

“Why would you agree to something that would cost your club £175000……”

“Surprise, surprise – the constant Gardiner doing another club’s bidding.”

“It was always the harry dunns at Rangers and the harry dunns all over Scottish football’s intention to stop the 9. Well no luck, much like the league win in 86 a Dundee FC employee played a part. Well in 2020 title win another Dundee employee played a small part, J Nelms CFC.”

“Why was he wanting Null and Void that would have lost his club 175000 during a pandemic?”

“This is the same Scott Gardiner who Tom English described as a good guy being unfairly vilified just for trying to do his best for Scottish football? Something stinks about Uncle Tom in all this. I also fear he may have burnt many bridges. You have to wonder… why?”

“Now we are getting to the bottom of all this. Why would Scot Gardiner want his club to lose out financially when they were struggling?”

“Maybe the investigation should now focus on Rangers and Inverness trying to bully clubs in to what they wanted, already made false accussations to Brechin which Brechin proved to be a lie. It’s all crumbling down now.”



In other news, Matt Corr’s debut Celtic book, Invincible is published on Friday by The Celtic Star – that could be a very special day, when we get to celebrate 9IAR.

You can order your copy of Invincible from The Celtic Star bookstore and also catch up with the first part of Matt’s interview with Erik Sviatchenko below. The second part of the interview will be published this evening.

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