Fearing the worse – Ibrox legends plead with the Rangers fans to behave in Seville

As the song said ‘Keep trollin’ trollin’, trollin’ – at least I think that’s what it was!

And that’s what Chris Sutton has done in a hilarious take on the increasing number of social media messages, sent from former Ibrox employees, asking their fans to behave whilst in Seville for their Europa League Final with Eintracht Frankfurt.

Yesterday the likes of Graeme Souness, Richard Gough, Ian Durrant and more besides were wheeled out to deliver the message and that was followed today by Ally McCoist and John Greig, that those following their team to Spain should remember they are ambassadors for their club – no laughing at the back please – with the Ibrox club no doubt predicting a European ban may impact their bank balance somewhat next season, as well as making the process of selling the club a less profitable negotiation.

It’s hard to determine what’s more of a red neck, having to be told to ‘behave’ in the first place, like some wee eight-year-old heading to their mate’s birthday party – I mean just ask yourself when was the last time you were actually asked to behave, and have you ever heard a Celtic employee past or present issue a public request for you not to sully the name of your club on away trips – or to have the request made by a group of former players hardly renowned for being on their best behaviour themselves?

You just know Chris Sutton wasn’t going to able to resist a cheeky retort, and the former Celt, now almost as famous for his trolling of theRangers as he was for handing the previous incarnation to play out of Ibrox a regular Derby ‘skelping, has stepped up to add his own behavioural request to the hordes flying to Seville –

You’d almost think the general consensus was the supporters of the Ibrox club were in some way deficient in the brain cell department, wouldn’t you?

So, are they going to be naughty or nice?

It would appear, despite the requests of their ‘legends’ on social media, and Sutton’s best intentions to ramp home up the trollin’, the message is falling on deaf ears – going by this flight out of Manchester yesterday and re-routed to Nantes.

I guess the problem with asking fans of that club to behave, is that the requests haven’t been specific enough, after all – this is how they behave!

It’s only a matter of time before Gazza turns up with a bag of cans and a fishing rod!

Meanwhile back in Glasgow…

Shaun Riley


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