Fergus McCann and the truly, wonderful, emotional Celtic Story

Last night I had the honour of attending the Celtic story at the Clyde Auditorium representing The Celtic star.

I was told wonderful things about the production and the updated version didn’t disappoint. It was everything I thought it would be. It was emotional, and magical, it was spectacular and of course it was humorous. It had a bit of everything.

Everything you feel supporting a club like Celtic, a club like no other. We’ve all been through these emotions over the years, each and everyone of us and it was brought to life on stage to us a glimpse of the club from the humble beginnings, and we enjoyed a wonderful trip throughout the many decades, good times and bad. Winning, losing, war and death. It was an emotional rollercoaster.

Even the most knowledgeable of Celtic supporter would have a learned a wee detail or two about the club they wouldn’t have known, I for one certainly did.

It was of course updated from the previous show and added in an extra 35 years. 35 years of ups and downs and it beautifully told the story of the saviour that was Fergus McCann. Wee Fergus who was in attendance would have been proud, even if he doesn’t admit it.

There was even a wonderful recognition to the brilliant man that was Tommy Burns. That really tugged at the heart strings. it was beautifully portrayed and emotional.

It was a wonderful night of celebration of all things Celtic. It honoured all the important figures in Celtic’s history. It had happiness, and sadness. It had songs and it had humour. Well done to all those involved.

It was a truly amazing night and if you’ve not got a ticket yet, I strongly urge you to get one. You won’t be disappointed, just like the Celtic supporters who were there in 1988 like to tell us. Enjoy the photo gallery below from The Celtic Story…

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An ordinary everyday Celtic supporters hailing and still residing in Govan in the shadows of the enemy. I’m a season ticket holder. I Witnessed my first Celtic game in 1988 and have attended when I can ever since. Growing up in the 90s I witnessed Celtic at their lowest, and now appreciate the historic success we enjoy today. I enjoy writing about this wonderful football club and hopefully will continue to do so. I’ve always been a keen writer and initially started this a hobby. My ambition is to one day become as good an author as my fellow Celtic Star colleagues.

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  1. Celtic have supporters the world over and we cant all get to glasgow to see these shows, so could they not be recorded and put on some sort of disc or whaterer ( im 73 and not tech savvy) HH from Germany.