Focus on Celtic’s transfer activity, ignore what they’re doing

Why worry about what the other lot are doing? Celtic supporters are starting to get rather anxious regarding the club’s lack of movement in the January transfer market, and with the window closing on Thursday night, it’s starting to reach boiling point.

You can’t really blame the support either as it’s been quite obvious for some time that we need fresh faces in to bolster our squad. Indeed we were told as much by the Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers.

Hopefully we get a couple over the line before the deadline, if not then we can start worrying and aim our displeasure at those making the decisions. However what doesn’t help is some of our own supporters making comparisons to theRangers when it comes to doing transfer business in this window.

Yes they have been pr-active whereas other than the signing of Nicolas Kuhn, Celtic have not. Yes, they have added to their squad, but it’s worth noting they had to as their squad is poor in comparison to ours and they changed managers since the summer window, with him inheriting numerous duds signed by his predecessor, Mick Beale.

They also shop in a different market to us. That has been evident the players they have brought in, none of them were getting a game for their previous clubs, and have barely played 50 first games between them. If we had signed any of those players, our supporters would be rightly calling Celtic’s judgement and ambition into question.

So never worry about what they do, and just concentrate on ourselves. Our board might be cautious and careful with the bank balance, but they are much more professional than the basket cases over Ibrox way. And they too will have heard the manager and know what Brendan has asked for. We’ll know by Thursday night whether they’ve delivered then our attention will turn to the absolutely huge game at Pittodrie on Saturday lunchtime.

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