Football Fans Have Always Shared Opinions

Celtic have not performed well this season and three recent results have been poor. This has led to heightened discussion around the matches and direction of the club. The battle lines are drawn: keep the faith v criticising the team or manager.

It’s absolute nonsense.

Stating a concern about the management or giving your opinion on a performance doesn’t mean you are not keeping the faith. Similarly, staying silent and not sharing an opinion is not keeping the faith either. Keeping the faith means exactly that, not giving up. It doesn’t mean not having an opinion.

A prime example of this was a question posted on a Celtic forum site earlier: Do you think we CAN win the league this season? 100% of the answers were yes we CAN, indicating that everyone is keeping the faith and believing that the title is far from over yet. Of the respondents, probably 75% were people voicing concerns over the management and poor performances. In short, these fans still believe we CAN win the league but they’re not sure if we WILL win it if these performances continue. Others feel that without doubt we CAN and WILL win the league, regardless of management or performances. They have confidence that things will turn around.

Both positions are perfectly valid.

So why the constant childish bickering and the slating of people for their opinions? Why the abuse? It’s pathetic.

Every Celtic fan wants the same thing – for Celtic to win. 99% of fans believe that we can win the league, some are more confident than others about whether we will get the job done, but the fact remains there is belief it is possible and great hope that we will.

Whether you think the team played badly or there are issues with the management, or that injuries are the issue and bad luck etc. it doesn’t matter. Your view doesn’t make you a bigger fan than someone else. It’s an opinion… you know that thing that we used to share with each other in the pub after games!

I remember a time when football fans used to be allowed to discuss matches, tactics and their thoughts on the game. It’s as old as the sport itself. It’s why we have pundits, podcasts and chat shows. We love it. So let people have their opinions and stop this abuse and infighting. It’s absolutely embarrassing.

If you want Lennon to stay that’s your opinion, if you think we are better off without him that’s your opinion. As long as you want Celtic to win every game then we all want the same, so who cares?

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