For The Record – EBT Tax scam real reason Ronald de Boer snubbed Man Utd for Ibrox

We all know why you favoured Rangers over Man Utd Ronald, it’s well documented…

Ronald de Boer the former Dutch international and Twin of the more talented Frank has been speaking to the Daily Record about joining the Dick Advocaat revolution back in 2000. Ronald told the red-top how he decided against joining Sir Alex Ferguson’s talented Manchester United side after a bit of advice from national boss Louis Van Gaal.

Ronald says words of wisdom from the legendary Dutch manager and doubts over fitting in at Old Trafford persuaded him to opt for Glasgow as his next career destination. Yeah Ronald sure it was. It had nothing to do with being offered a luxurious tax free loan in the shape of the now infamous ‘EBT’ scheme.

Ronald de Boer along with numerous other players signed up for the unlawful tax scheme, the Dutchman receiving £1.2 million tax free via a secretive side contract never declared to the Scottish FA, on top of his generous twenty odd grand a week salary.

So Ronald basically got a full year’s salary tax free. Hard to turn down eh? Even the chance of playing under the greatest manager in Europe and alongside the superstars of Man United couldn’t come between that. Think about it, the money was better at Ibrox than Old Trafford due to the EBT tax avoidance scheme that (SIR!) David Murray was operating at the expense of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

The Daily Record know this as they once printed the names of the beneficiaries of the scheme that was later declared unlawful by the Supreme Court in London, the highest court in the land. . Ronald de Boer was of course one of those names.

It’s just a shame they didn’t ask Ronald if that was a major factor in his decision to come to Glasgow, but it doesn’t really matter I suppose, as we all know the truth.

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  1. If you really want to become as good an author as your Celtic Star colleagues you’ll need to start by getting your facts right …

    Like knowing the difference between pennies and pounds, for example.

  2. Do we still need to be banging on about that? It will always be in the archive but isn’t it enough to know that they are still paying the price for that. Maybe at some point they will have the humility to apologise to everyone including their own supporters but I’m not holding my breath.

    They are what they are and have always been. Shamelessly arrogant.