Formation change – Playing two strikers is worth trying against St Johnstone

Time for two up top on Sunday? We are out of Europe and can argue about who is to blame all we want, but the attention now turns to domestic issues and we have a tough away trip to face St Johnstone on Sunday to negotiate.

Could we benefit from a change of formation in our bid to grab all three points up in Perth?

Celtic struggled to break St Johnstone down at the end of August at Celtic park as we stumbled to a frustrating goalless draw. We are arguably facing a better side now, and one that will be even more tough to crack now that they have that crafty, dark arts operator Craig Levein in charge.

The ex-Scotland and Hearts manager as we know isn’t known for his positive attitude when it comes to his approach to football. He is your typical park the bus man, especially when it comes to playing Celtic.

Sunday will be no different and we will have to work hard to earn a victory. That’s why a change of formation could help. Why not go with two up top? Having both Kyogo and Oh upfront would give us an extra goal threat.

Even if it means going 3-5-2 or 4-4-2 so be it. We need to win and having two strikers on the park would help us achieve that, epically at a tricky away venue such as McDiarmid Park.

Brendan of course, like most managers nowadays prefers playing with one striker, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change to adapt to the challenge in-front of us. In fact Brendan said when he came back in the summer that he would do this when the situation merited it but so far we’ve seen little evidence of it actually happening on the pitch.

Levein won’t be expecting a change in formation from Celtic so it would also disrupt his own dastardly defensive plans, which would be an added bonus on a cold Sunday lunchtime in Perthshire.

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  1. Believe the calmac role has to be addressed, especially against these anti football teams imo?
    Even more so, with Hatate missing.
    Calmac as our captain still remains very influential in how we play, especially with setting the tempo.
    Is sitting in deeper and offering nothing more than sideways and backwards passing, the best use of such a wonderfully gifted player?
    In these type of games there has been a total lack of runners from midfield into the area except for Oreily as such, within our general play against the anti football mob imo.
    The same could be said in Rome, when we hardly ever if at all, getting more than 2 into the area to try and score a goal.
    Big area within the team that needs to improve upon within the team imo.
    So yes I agree that the extra striker could help matters, but more so if calmac was to become more of an attacking threat also, than sitting in and letting a game pass him by, especially when his influential play can be far more better used higher up the pitch imo.

  2. Or we could try putting a ball through the lines in the centre of the park?? I know, weird, witchcraft like suggestion, but I think the whole pass to the side, back to the centre back to the side etc etc is done