Former Celtic favourite reveals how a fraudulent agent forced him to leave Parkhead

It’s fair to say that agents get an awful reputation because a small minority ruin it for the many, but it’s only because it’s the bad stories that make the press.

There’s nothing exciting about hearing how an agent has done a good job, looked after their client and have built positive relationships with clubs.

On the flip side we will always hear about those who create trouble to force clubs to sell or those who take advantage of their players, and this sounds like another sad example of that.

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The Sun recently reported on the situation faced by former Celtic favourite Emilio Izaguirre, and it’s a pretty heartbreaking story.

The Honduran insists that he would still be at the club if it wasn’t for a former agent who swindled him out of around £300k during his time in Scotland.

As a result he was hit with a massive tax bill back in Honduras, so he was forced to return home to deal with the situation.

Here’s what he had to say about the situation:

“A serious situation happened to me in Scotland and that’s why I returned. I would have stayed at Celtic and my aim was to remain in Glasgow for many years and Celtic wanted me to stay.”

“But I had a tax problem because of the agent from Colombia who cheated me. I trusted the agent and he scammed me. I had to pay over £300,000.”

“So I had to tell Celtic I was returning to my country and I have enjoyed it back at Motagua.”

It’s unlikely he would still have been a first choice player if he did stay, but he’s experienced and left back has been a problem position at points with Jonny Hayes having to fill in.

The worst part is he was forced to leave the club earlier than he wanted to because of circumstances outwith his control, and that will always be a shame.

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