Frank McAvennie Claims That Eddie Howe Won’t Take The Celtic Job

Former Celtic striker and supporter of the club, Frank McAvennie has told Football Insider that he does not believe Eddie Howe will take the Celtic job now, explaining that his sources have also said as much to him.

McAvennie, who lives in Glasgow and regularly appears on the Open Goal podcast, said “I don’t think he’ll (Howe) come now (to Celtic), I thought he would’ve got it by now.”

He elaborated on those remarks by saying: “From what I’m told he’s wanting a director of football and I don’t think Hughes wants to come back up here from Bournemouth. I know he’s from here, he’s a Celtic supporter but I don’t think he wants to bring his kids up here.

“That’s the problem but at the moment it doesn’t look to me like it’s going to happen.”

Celtic have been heavily linked with Fergal Harkin as a Director of Football so if McAvennie’s claims are true, then it may be possible for Howe to work with Harkin. Alternatively, another Director of Football may be on his way and a match up could be found. If not then it would appear that alternative management/Head Coach options will need to be explored.

Without a Director of Football appointed at present, things are very much up in the air and all is confined to speculation at this stage.


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  1. At first, I was worried about not appointing Howe. But if he wants to pick his own line manager (DoF role), that would never happen in another company and I don’t think McKay would sign off on this. Better to have a clause written up, guaranteeing Howe autonomy in many other ways. I really thought we’d have a DoF confirmed by now, followed by a manager. If Howe is actually not going to decide until summer, we need to move onto other candidates and leave him to wonder if he just turned down a dream job. Or he does commit and that’s it, we start planning. Ch League qualifiers will not wait for Howe to make a decision; the job is big enough to interest someone new. If I were the recruitment firm that the club hired, I’d be keeping in touch with Keane, Marsch, all the other potential candidates so that we don’t do that old adage of all eggs in one basket

  2. Paddy Cassidy- newstenston 🍀 on

    I like the thought of Howe as manager like his style and good with young players exactly what Celtic are about but If It’s true what’s been says….. he’s stalling because he’s waiting waiting to see if a job comes up down England that shows me and a dunno bout you fellow tims? that that he’s not the right man for (Celtic FC 1888) we are second best to no team and I don’t want manger what has only joined us because only option he had basically there coz he had no choice n as a says a like the man as manager. Likes attacking nice football what Celtic are he has always did good with tams he has been with we will see withing the week what comes out HH bhoys