From AC Milan to Newcastle: Hutton’s hypocrisy over Celtic’s Kristoffer Ajer doesn’t quite add up

There’s nothing new in former players from Rangers openly trying to link a Celtic star with an exit, but they usually have the good grace to leave more than a week between wildly differing comments.

Alan Hutton has had a lot to say about Kristoffer Ajer and his Celtic future recently, but it appears that he’s changed his mind fairly quickly on the matter.

He spoke to Football Insider last week after the Norway manager said that the defender should move on, but he appeared to be on Celtic’s side at that point and admitted he should only be going if a huge club come in.. like AC Milan:

“It’s frustrating when you hear an international manager saying things like that. How can you down the whole of Scottish football?

“To say that what? One player is better than the whole of Scottish football and he’s bigger than that? I think that’s very unfair for somebody to say that kind of thing.

“I think it’s always been on the cards and we’ve always mentioned about Ajer moving on. There’s been interest from top teams, the likes of AC Milan.”

AC Milan may not be a Champions League club just now, but they should be going forward and you can’t really argue if Ajer decides to go there

He’ll have a chance to test himself with a huge club in one of the biggest leagues in the world so of course it would make sense, but a different report from Football Insider today reveals a totally different viewpoint from Hutton.

He’s trying to tout Newcastle United as some kind of huge move for Ajer, and it almost sounds like he just hopes one of Celtic’s best players leaves this summer:

I think Newcastle are a top team, they’re a massive club. Yes, they’re not doing well at the moment but I really believe that any player that’s playing in Scotland and gets the opportunity to move to England and play in one of the best leagues in the world, any of those teams are top teams.

Personally I think it’s a good move. I think they’re a great, big team. Yes, they’re going to allow a bad spell but we always knew that Ajer would be desperate to leave, that was my opinion.”

Just to be clear, that’s the same Newcastle United who are currently owned by Mike Ashley, the same Newcastle United who are hurtling towards relegation under Steve Bruce and the same Newcastle United who have no ambition other than to finish 17th in the league.

Admittedly that may chance if they have new owners and they look to get back to where they were, but there’s no chance that this current version would represent a good move for someone like Ajer.


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  1. I never read updates from ex rangers players regarding our players and I’m sure they’d be the same with former players for us. It’s almost clickbait, boyd enjoys it a lot with his comments. Anyway, good to see Eddy scoring as his value will keep nudging up, especially if he has a good tournament