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Castore hysteria, but Adidas still top dogs…

So theRangers supporters have been highly vocal recently and at this moment in time they are bumping their gums about their new strips and want a lifetime contract with kit makers Castore.

They are happy with their new strips (even the recently released Vatican inspired kit), so much so that they reckon they are much superior to the adidas Celtic efforts (which this year, wouldn’t be that difficult many Celtic fans feel).

So well done to theRangers on winning the SS Cup (that’s superior strip) to add to their Pre-Season and Summer Bragging Rights trophies. Their own unique treble. Well done Bears.

While our kits might be a bit disappointing this year, our deal with Adidas certainly isn’t. A Scottish record kit deal signed in 2020 worth a reputed £30 million over five years testifies to that.

No matter how stylish or otherwise our kits are they will still sell like hotcakes. Adidas and Celtic still make plenty of coin. Not to mention all the other merchandise manufactured by Adidas which is top class. We are in a good position financially due to our kit deal with the world renowned sports brand.

So while our new kits leave a lot to be desired, our place as the superior side on the park is matched by our business superiority off it. Number one in all aspects. By far the superior side in the country. Don’t ever forget that.

It’s worth noting that the negative comments above about the new Celtic strip is simply down to personal opinion – you can’t like them all – and many supporters are warming to the new strip as they see the players wearing it in matchday action.

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