‘Game’s a bogey if true,’ Rangers reaction to ‘Celtic’s great historical importance to football’

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THE news earlier in the week that UEFA are to create a pathway into the Champions League for teams who have “great historical importance to football” caused a bit of excitement some sections of the Celtic support – those happy to ignore how rigged these competitions have become.

Tottenham or Liverpool could actually win The Champions League this year but remind me of the last time they won the English league?

Anyway the best thing about this news about Celtic gaining entry to the Champions League because of our “great historical importance to football” caused the predictable reaction from the Rangers support and it is glorious, hilarious even to dip in for a quick sample of their anger, rage, hatred and hurt…there are even some of them who do not accept that Celtic won the European Cup in 1967, they actually don’t believe that it happened! Here goes, and no laughing at the back!…

“Apparently, UEFA want to change the Champions League and clubs that have won the trophy before could be given a automatic spot. Utterly horrific, if true.”

It’s not true – it’s for clubs with “great historical importance to football” like Celtic and unlike them.

“Game’s a bogey if true.”

“This would be a woeful idea and could once and for all ruin my enjoyment of football out with Rangers (sic).”

“It must also be pointed out that the old-style European Cup bears no relation at all to the modern Champions League. Linfield were quarter-finalists the year Celtic fluked their win. No best of the best in those days.”

“It would virtually kill off most smaller leagues if one team was guaranteed the Champions League money every year.”

“It’s a totally stupid idea proposed by a few clubs pushing rampant self interest. UEFA love sh*te like this so it may well happen…”

“This was a proposal by a small number of clubs including Celtic was it not? Absolute lunacy and never going to happen.”

“The story is horse sh*t. If anything Rangers (sic) should be involved in the CL every year. We are one of those 8 stars on the CL emblem.”

“Celtic have never won the European Cup.”

“Who do you think is behind it all? Good old Liewell of course, I wouldn’t rubbish it just yet. They’ll do anything to keep financially in front of us.”

“I’m done with football if this happens.”

“Errrrrrrrr Celtc have never won it, they stole it.”

“The teams they beat on the way to the final is laughable! The stellar names they put out were Zurich, Nantes, Vojvodina and Dukla Prague. A feat so impressive we should all get a national holiday.”

“When did they win the Champions League?”

“They have never won the CL..It was the European cup they won”…”..and they won the final with an offside goal. Retrospective VAR??”

“Would be the end of Scottish football if Celtic were given an automatic place not on merit but based on what happened 52 years ago. Handing one side a guaranteed £25-30 million advantage over every other team before a ball is kicked then you might as well just turn out her lights on the SPFL and call it quits.”

“It actually suggests that the wildcard spots would go to “…clubs of historical importance in European football.” and that they meet that criteria because of being “… the first British club to win the European Cup in 1967 … It doesn’t say that every club who had ever won the competition would get one, or that winning it was the only was to be “of historical importance in European football”. It’s never going to happen anyway but its worth actually discussing the proposal itself, rather than an incorrect interpretation of it.”

“If this is true, we would be finished.”

“Only one team in Europe would regularly benefit from this and the idea was proposed by Pistol Pete. Surely UEFA would see through the sly bastia and his corrupt idea?”

“Celtic will also decide the groups. Their fans will get free travel to away matches funded by the SNP and GCC.”

If this happened, we’d be finished.
Every team in Scotland would be as well just giving up.

“I can’t see it happening, however in the very unlikely event that something like this ever came to pass, would we not have grounds to sue based on a two-horse race in Scotland becoming a one-horse race? Unfair competition or something.”

“They won it once ’67 and lost in the final during extra time against Feyenoord in ’70. By the way the so called great manager Jock Stein was the reason they lost in ’70 as Dutch football was an unknown quantity at the time. He showed them a lack of respect and they were beaten. They thought they just had to turn up. They are hardly one of the great European clubs.”

“They also got to the final in 1970 by winning a coin toss not the tie itself in the quarter final.”


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