Gesture meaning the league is over – These fans react to Taylor copying Morelos

If this season has shown us anything, it’s that we have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to learning about Colombian culture.

We were all left to look foolish in December as we mistook Alfredo Morelos’ throat slitting gesture as some kind of threat. Apparently he was actually doing the ref a favour and saved him from blowing his whistle by demonstrating the match was over.

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Greg Taylor picked up a nasty looking injury this afternoon against Aberdeen, and it appears that he also knows a bit about that Colombian gesture, but it’s led to some speculation online as to just what he meant:

You really do have to think that most of the stuff on Twitter about this is taken in good humour, but there really does seem to be some Rangers fans who are getting genuinely wound up about it.

Scottish football may need to prepare for yet another “club statement” or perhaps the Scottish FA will hit Celtic’s controversial Colombian impersonator with a three match ban, just like they did when they overlooked Morelo grabbing Christie’s Privates but gave the Celtic man a three match ban for returning the compliment.

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