Glasgow Celtic Champions Chance: “We can write history,” Elena Sadiku

Celtic FC Women Manager Elena Sadiku and club captain Kelly Clark spoke to The Celtic Star after the 3-1 victory over Hearts in Edinburgh last night that sees the Ghirls move to just one win away from their first-ever SWPL title.

Here is what Elena had to say to The Celtic Star…

To other media, Elena said: “The girls are in the best position possible. Even if the focus is the performance, we also need to enjoy the moment because we’ve been working hard for this so it’s about trying to be relaxed, but also being very committed about what we need to do.

“We know that Hibs are going to go hard to get that win but we need to focus on ourselves and try to enjoy the moment as well and play our football. We just need to keep the right mindset on and work hard to get the three points.”

She also reflected on the performance to Celtic TV, saying: “Happy with the first half, I think the football is just how we want to be. Second half was a bit different but overall, job done, we won the game and that’s what we came here to do. And now we just need to be happy about this performance, but we have one more left, and that’s the main focus right now.

“Hearts is not a bad team to play against, especially not at their home pitch. But how we play football, both defensively and offensively, and how we did the counter press is exactly how we want to play.

“So that’s something that we need to take on to the next game. Second half was not the best but like I said, the most important thing was to get the three points and that’s what we did.

“We just need to focus on what we need to do. Play how we can play. And that’s exactly what you saw first half and that’s something we need to take with us.”

Elena also sent a message to the Celtic support, saying: “Make sure that you get there. Make sure that you give the extra energy for the players. Make sure that you support the players. Because this can be a great day for us in Celtic. We can write history and I don’t wish anything less for the Ghirls.”

The Celtic Star also spoke to Kelly Clark after our important 3-1 victory in the capital. Here’s what the Celtic FC Women captain said…

Kelly spoke to other media as well, saying: “It would be massive [to win the title]. Once you make history, it’s history forever. Once you’re written in the history books, it’s not a race, it’s there forever and it’s a legacy. It’s massive for the club and I genuinely think that the group deserve it.

“If you do it, then people talk about it for years to come, and I think that’s the thing. You play for a massive club and if we were the names that people are still talking about in 20 years when they refer to the first ever time, we did it then it’s obviously an immensely proud thing to have done.”

Kelly also touched on her Scotland call-up, saying: “That’s such an honour. Getting picked for Scotland obviously means you’re doing something right for your club and the girls around about me make my life really easy here. So, I’m delighted to be picked for Scotland but I genuinely have to thank my teammates at Celtic because we make each other look good.

“Like I say, we make each other lives easier. I’ve got absolute units beside me, I’ve got absolute ballers in front of me and I kind of feel like I just saunter about sometimes! But it’s the biggest honour so I look forward to it after the season.”

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