Glasgow Times names World’s Greatest Ever Manager – Who says succulent lamb is off the menu?

Yet more cringeworthy backslapping for theRangers the Glasgow Times…

The media seem to be growing ever-relentless in their growing and glowing praise of theRangers. Okay,  it shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s something that they always have done but yesterday’s example is exceptional. It’s an absolute belter!

Glasgow Times produced a masterpiece in the cringeworthy stakes yesterday when they penned a piece declaring Rangers legend Bill Struth as the most successful manager in the history of football. Yes they really did print that. Not Scottish football, or British football, or even European football, they’re talking world football!

They have Struth ahead of the greatest ever managerial masterminds of the beautiful game.

According to Glasgow Times, ‘new research’ shows that Bill Struth’s win percentage is the highest of any other football manager of all time.  That’s admittedly impressive and so was his trophy haul, but he was in charge of Rangers FC for a staggering 34 years. That too is incredible and it’s certainly worthy of pride among the support of the Ibrox clubs.

Manchester United football manager Matt Busby handing the Team of the Year Trophy to Celtic manager Jock Stein, while the rest of the Celtic team hold the European cup trophy their had won the previous season, December 1967.

So Glasgow Times would have us all believe Struth was a better manager than the likes of Bob Shankly, Sir Matt Busby, Brian Clough, Sacchi, Ancelotti, Mourinho, Guardiola and so many more. Aye right, even names closer to home contradict this claim.

It’s just as ridiculous to also say he’s ahead of the likes of very own Jock Stein, who not only revolutionised Celtic in a short space of time domestically, but also in Europe is absurd. Jocks haul of 25 trophies in 12 years is mighty impressive, and one that is unrivalled in Scottish football.  He remains the only manager of a Scottish club to have won the European Cup, and the only one to have taken his side to a European Cup Final – and he did it twice.

Photo imago/Colorsport – Alex Ferguson 10/05/1983 Aberdeen training session pre-Cup Winners Cup Final against Real Madrid in Gothenburg

Or to say he’s ahead of Sir Alex Ferguson who won every honour in Scotland with Aberdeen, including two European trophies, before making Man United a European force is equally as ridiculous.

Both Jock Stein and Sir Alex Ferguson are up there with the best ever managers in the history of football, never mind just Scottish football. They are forever making the list of the greatest ever managers, can you say the same about Struth?

It’s all of course just an exercise in keeping the Bears happy. The so called most successful club in the world now can now lay claim to have the most successful manager in the history of the game. Who says succulent lamb is off the menu?

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  1. 30 trophies in 34 years for Struth , less than 1 a season .
    Mr Stein ( our Nick ) son 25 in 12 seasons at Celtic with just over 2 a season .
    Wikipedia show Struth as 6th most decorated nowhere near the Evening Times claim.

    • I read an excellent comment recently from a rabid Celtic fan like myself, he said : ‘It will be so great when we overtake ‘old Rangers’ trophy haul and be able to proudly announce that we’re NOT the most successful club in the world!’. In terms of a Manager who practised his craft in Scotland, Jock Stein is indisputably the best there’s ever been and he wasn’t an old bigot like Struth ..$In terms of a Manager who was born in Scotland but practised his craft largely elsewhere there’s only 1 man to be considered: Sir Alex Ferguson, his record is extraordinary. As for best ever in the world I honestly don’t know : Ancelloti, Guardiola and Sacchi must be in the frame along with Ferguson and Stein but Struth nor Walter chequebook Smith would not figure on my list, but Jim McLean would, what he achieved at Dundee Utd with scarce resource was amazing., they came closest to matching Celtic’s feat of making a European cup final.