Good to see Lenny back in the game, best of luck in Romania to a Celtic legend

Neil Lennon has been appointed as boss of Romanian side Rapid Bucuresti. The former Celtic player and manager has been out of the game since his departure from Cypriot side Omonia two years ago.

Lenny has a bit of a love hate relationship with some section of the Celtic supporters nowadays due to his disastrous last season in charge of the club.

Yes, he didn’t know when to quit and was one of the many reasons we blew the chance of ten in a row. But that’s all in the past, and he’s done much more good for the club, so he should still be guaranteed legendary status at Celtic. He’s a treble winning manager and player after all. The only person to have done so.

And he gets enough hate all around him in Glasgow without Celtic supporters adding to it because we didn’t win one title out of the last 13. If you were offered 12 title wins from 13 back then you’d bite the hand off to accept it, so it’s time to move on, after all it’s us who are now going for 55! We can have plenty of fun with that next season!

Neil Lennon is a winner and he’s proved that in his playing and managerial career over the years. He’s too good to be commenting on football from a studio and getting the Rapid Bucuresti job will do him the world of good, as indeed will getting away from Glasgow for a while.

We should all wish Neil all the best in his new post and hopefully he brings success to the Romanian side, as it’s what he fully deserves. Hail, hail Lenny!

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