Green Brigade’s Food Drive Appeal raises over £30,000 in response to UEFA fine

The Green Brigade have now raised over £30,000 on their Food Drive Appeal which was launched on Tuesday after news emerged that Celtic had been hit with another UEFA fine, this time for the banner that was displayed in Warsaw in the recent Champions League match against Shakhtar Donetsk.

UEFA hit Celtic with a £13,000 fine stating that the banner displayed in Warsaw was  “not fit for a sports event”.

The Green Brigade made an immediate response with their ‘Against Hunger and the Crown’ initiative that featured these words on a banner displayed in the second half of the Champions League match at Celtic Park against RB Leipzig on Tuesday night.  Given that there is no swearing included this time around it will be interesting to see if this  latest message from the supporters on the North Curve at Celtic Park attracts further UEFA sanction.

The Green Brigade also released a short statement pointing out that back in 2016 when UEFA fined Celtic for the display of Palestine flags inside Celtic Park, a total of £176,076 was raised in response the the comparatively small fine that the club was hit with and this money was given to Palestinian charities.

“In 2022, UEFA has fined Celtic for fans displaying an anti-monarchy banner. You can responde to this by donating to the Green Brigade’s food drive appeal, where donations will be shared between foodbanks across Scotland.

“Unfortunately this appeal is necessary to support our impoverished communities becuase of the inequality in this country, which is embodied by the monarchy.”

The immediate response to this was incredible with £13,169 being donated within five hours and now the total has reach £30,000. Links below where you can donate and add to this very worthwhile initiatve.


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