‘Green and White of Govan, Part 2 – Celtic Players,’ Sean McDon

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The Players Edition

Clearly, as has been proven by Part 1 of The series which was published last week – see HERE, there is a palpable and forever growing Green and White heartbeat to one of Glasgow’s most famous of boroughs, Govan.

The extent to which this is undermined, misinterpreted or simply just unknown ought to be regarded as a travesty to any learned member of the Celtic family.

The Peoples History

It is for such a reason that I am continuing to publish these articles over the next few weeks.

There is no profit, no personal ego or any great personal recognition involved.

This is the way it should be however as this type of history is a ‘Peoples History’. As is always the case, this is by far the most significant type of history and without the selfless contributions made by the Tim aligned Govan community over the last few weeks, these editions simply would not have been made possible.

I aim to continue these articles, which will focus on particular aspects of unearthing and then exhibiting the Tim-ness of Govan for at least another three weeks but, in all honesty, for as long as the anecdotes, meet-ups, photographs and other contributions keep flowing on in from the community, I will, very happily, continue to publicise such a wonderful hidden history of all things Green, White and Govan.

For this week’s edition the key focus is now on the Tim Players who honed their skills in the streets and backcourts of Govan from Harmony Row and Helen Street to the Winey and beyond.

Beginning with Jim Craig, Joe McBride and Andy Lynch…moving on to Frank Haffey, Matt Lynch and Johnny Quigley and ending with Tommy Coyne.

I’ve often wondered why very little seems to have been made over the years of Govan being home to what must only be describable as a living legend. One of our very own Lions of Lisbon who continues to be heavily involved in Celtic fans media to this day through his contributions from the Celtic View to The Celtic Star as well as numerous appearances at fan functions. I am of course referring to Harmony Row’s Jim Craig.

Add to this that, if not for the misfortune of horrific circumstance by way of a cruel bone flaking knee injury, then Govan would have been the launchpad of two official Lisbon Lions.

In this instance I refer to Joe McBride, a striker who was surely on his way to challenging McGrory’s goalscoring record such was his natural ability and predatory instinct in front of opposition goal…continue reading* HERE

Sean McDon

*Hopefully you know the drill by now on Sean’s wonderful contributions to The Celtic Star. The above is merely the introduction to the much longer article which is available from 8.30am this morning on Sean’s own website https://seanmcdon.org

Next Week’s Edition…

– The Govan Emerald Edition
– Govan Buses: From the Brighton to the Donnellys and then some
– Tales from the fans and organisers of these fine buses from over the years

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