Greg Taylor’s absence showing how important he is to Celtic

Taylor proving how valuable he is in his absence…

Greg Taylor is often seen as the whipping boy amongst a section of our support. And it’s no secret we are in need of a left back to challenge Greg or maybe take over from him, but he’s not as bad a player as some make him out to be.

Greg Taylor, although not a spectacular player, is hardly the worst either. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he always does his job without a minimum of fuss and always gives one hundred percent. That was highlighted yesterday in his absence as we struggled to protect a one nil win over Ross County.

Alexandro Bernabei stood in and to put it bluntly, he’s not good enough. The Argentine is seemingly not highly rated by Brendan Rodgers and it’s not that hard to understand why. He looks lost as a Celtic left-back, it’s as if Celtic is a club that’s just too big for him.

Greg Taylor, on the other hand knows what we’re all about, he knows the Scottish game and is a competent performer in a Celtic team that has won five from six trophies over the past two seasons and is five points clear at the top of the league looking down on theRangers, who admittedly have a game in hand.

More importantly Greg is a decent player, that was proved yesterday as we struggled in his absence. Sometimes you don’t appreciate a player until he’s missing, and that is the case with Taylor. This Celtic squad still needs a fresh face at left back, but Greg still has a massive part to play at the club. He’s very much still a player of importance to us.

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  1. Lazy piece.

    Taylor played when Killie knocked us out of the LC.
    Taylor played when Killie beat us at CP.
    Taylor played when Hearts beat us at CP.
    Taylor was destroyed in the Chanpions League.

    One poor victory without him and suddenly he’s greatly missed. He’s having a very poor season.

    Himself and Berbabei are miles off the standard we need. We need an upgrade.