Happy Administration Day! Seven years on…their hurt, shame, rage and stress

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WHILE CELTIC supporters are getting ready for the mouth-watering Europa League tie with Valencia tonight, across the city there seems to be something different happening.

There’s plenty of the usual rage and anger that is pretty much a constant from these supporters – currently directed at the Compliance Officer because their goalkeeper Allan McGregor – at long last – has picked a ban for his latest assault on an opponent. They even released a statement about it too!

However what caught our eye yesterday was the start of then starting to reflect on and open up about the events of Valentine’s Day 2012 and the events that followed taking them through their failed CVA attempt in June to Charles Green picking up the bundle of assets as the club slipped into liquidation.

Here’s a flavour of how it all affected the Bears on a personal basis. It might bring a wee tear to your eye!

“I never liked Whyte – I can be honest and say that – but I hadn’t thought it would lead to this. It was a real kick in the guts.

“It was also the start of a difficult time for me personally which, in some ways, was a blessing in disguise, as I rarely went on the forum and was only vaguely aware of there being real problems and we might not play again. I didn’t have the time or the energy to devote to it and only read up on a lot of what happened afterwards. I wish I could have done more and I think all of us must feel that way.”

“On a personal level it was terrible…upped my anxiety levels, and led to mild depression. It then segued nicely into a hellish time personally.

“It is something I look back on now as being almost surreal….travelled up to Brechin…for that first game. On the Thursday we still didn’t have a licence to play the game.”

“Brutal. A lifetime ago. Daniel Cousin still in a cupboard at Auchenhowie waving his contract…My purchase of my Brechin ticket ‘only cash accepted we don’t have a card provider service’

“To the very bottom we were forced and forced to return with both hands tied behind our back.”

“Feel sick reading that back. The start of a very dark time both for the club and personally.”

“Horrible time but we rallied and while it has been and still is a rollercoaster since we have survived it.”

“That summer of 2012 must never be forgotten within the Rangers support. The clubs and fans that lined up to have a right good kick at us, the national association fining us for being in admin, dishing out transfer bans.

“Never forgive, never forget. We must never miss a chance in future to damage or bury those who sought to do the same to us.

“That whole period made me physically unwell. One thing, I am of the view that the football club was an asset of Rangers plc and was realised in the exact same way that plant and machinery are liquidated, plant and machinery don’t become new at the point of sale.”

What a horrible day and the start of a very painful and damaging journey. One which I’m sure affected us all personally more than we could ever probably have imagined. We are now, at last, closing these dark chapters and progressing well again on and off the park. I will never forgive some of the people involved and I will always feel bitter, but I’ll tell you what; 55 when it comes will quite simply be the sweetest moment of our club’s history (sic).”

“Horrible day. The feeling in my stomach that day, I just can’t explain. Just awful.”

“Sends a shiver down my spine. However let me take this opportunity to remind all the Bears of Sir Duped’s part in all of this and not just Googly Eyes!”

“Ridiculous to think that folk thought that it would just be administration for a few weeks then things would go back to normal.”

“Brings back horrible feelings…black days. It seemed there was always something disturbing to read day after day.”

“I remember having to tell my Dad. Could barely get the words out of my mouth.”

“Still, and will always hurt.”

“It’s still so hard to feel like this wasn’t the result of someone pursuing an agenda. Why were so many other teams allowed to settle out of court for their use of EBTs and we weren’t? Why was it us that were made an example of?”

“The darkest days in the club’s history (sic). Gut wrenching to be honest.”

“I was working in the US at the time and 5 hours behind everything – wakening up to messages about what had happened by lunchtime every day.

“All the Yanks I was working with were sympathetic to my sports team being in a shitty situation… in Scotland people were celebrating it. Incredible damage done through all of this.”

“Absolute horrendous time. When Rangers are down I’m down too.”

“Our story is unique in world football. Countless clubs have suffered financial difficulties and survived through the essential goodwill of supporters, authorities, even politicians.

“We suffered a ‘perfect storm’ where the bank, HMRC, the authorities, the media, officials and supporters of other clubs, all actively sought to wipe a club out and dance on the grave. Vultures circled to pick on the bones and politicians deafened us with their silence.”

“Has another club been through so much for so little?”

“That was a dark day and terrible times following it. However, they thought they’d buried us. They use the term Zombies as they believed we were dead. But thanks to our fans and our new board, we are who we always were and in just 7 years we’re back competing at the top, and they can’t stomach it.”

“Worst birthday present I ever received.”

And on it goes…Happy Birthday to the Bear quoted above, Happy Administration Day to the rest of them!

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