Howe Not? Celtic Release Statement as Non English Premier League Alternative gets Green Light

Celtic have issued a statement following the news breaking this afternoon that Eddie Howe will NOT be taking the manager’s job at Celtic. The club called around both the Mainstream Media and Fans Media this afternoon to provide a briefing ahead of the news breaking – the reason given were that Howe was unable to convince some of his backroom team to re-locate to Scotland while others were unable to get away from their contractual commitments at Bournemouth.

Peter Grant taking the Dunfermline job was a worrying indicator that all was not well in a deal that Celtic have agreed in principle with the former Bournemouth manager – just about everything that has been reported previously is accurate but Celtic have been left embarrassed and frustrated at the last minute by the bad news from Howe’s side of the deal.

Whether he has another job lined up remains to be seen – it would seem likely would it not?

Celtic told us today that they had a second candidate lined up and negotiations are at an advanced stage. Celtic are wisely avoiding the English Premier League, where money distorted people, and the announcement for this one too is ‘Imminent’.  We pressed hard on who that new candidate is and were told that no other information is available. We’ll keep trying. Here’s Celtic statement.

Statement by Celtic Football Club

Following very positive and detailed discussions with Eddie Howe, with the belief that he would be an excellent candidate for the position of Celtic Manager, we allowed time for the process, given he’d previously made it clear he was not looking to return to management until this summer at the earliest.

We can now confirm that Eddie will not be joining the Club, for reasons outwith both his and Celtic’s control.

We wish Eddie success for the future.

As part of the ongoing process we have engaged with a number of candidates. We fully appreciate our fans will be seeking clarity on this matter and we aim, very shortly, to announce the appointment of a Manager with the quality and desire to take Celtic forward and bring further success to our supporters.

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The Celtic Star founder and editor, who has edited numerous Celtic books over the past decade or so including several from Lisbon Lions, Willie Wallace, Tommy Gemmell and Jim Craig. Earliest Celtic memories include a win over East Fife at Celtic Park and the 4-1 League Cup loss to Partick Thistle as a 6 year old. Best game? Easy 4-2, 1979 when Ten Men Won the League. Email


  1. So we’ve wasted months on the off chance this guys backroom picks would say yes?

    Every single one of that board should resign in shame at the cack-handed shambles they have turned our club into. An absolute disgrace.

    All this to end up where I said we would before Lenny was even punted; John Kennedy, Full-time Celtic manager.

    • Jim O'Rourke on

      What an absolute shambles. We are so badly led. We go through this with players we are supposed to be signing then we end up on the last day buying or loaning in the players no one else wants now its the manager we can’t lure and lets be honest it will be about money as usual. Dermot Desmond must hand over the power to someone who can deliver

    • Who would have thought our nightmare season could continue off the field, we have become a laughing stock, howe should have been given an ultimatum months ago to either sign or we move on. Personally I didn’t think he would be able to handle the job anyway, he failed miserably at Burnley which people forget about and failed to keep Bournemouth in the premiership. As for our board they should resign immediately if they care about our club.

  2. dermot youv,e made mistakes before,but Martin andBrenden were not ,but a good manager needs good backup who are tactically aware not just pointers or sponge holders Youv must be Desisive get rid of dead weight get a top team no cheapsakes ACT ACT!!!

  3. A FEW MONTHS AGO WHEN A MINORITY OF FANS WERE SHOUTING TO ” Sack the Board “. Most fans thought this action to be ill- conceived and premature , although we empathised with these fans hoping that the Celtic Board had just hit a bump in the road and that no group could be so incompetent .
    Neil Lennon was thrown to the Wolves and was made a “Scapegoat”. After all this was the man they had appointed against the wishes of many fans . John Kennedy took over to serve-up the same rubbish as Neil Lennon . Playing the same , ” Gutless Wonders “, we had been watching all season and playing the same formation and tactics (no matter who the the opposition were).
    Still the madness and incredible incompetence continued in signings like , ” JohnJo Kenny “, —-Paying inflated wages for absolute rubbish . Celtic fans are the most loyal and dedicated fans in the World , yet the Celtic Board continuously treat them as absolute fools and use and abuse their loyalty to the cause .Even the appointment of Eddie Howe was considered to be , ” A cheap option ” , and that a great club like Celtic should , if they have any ambition be , “Setting the bar higher ” .
    So what now another cheap option (of a , ” Cheap Option ” ). The Celtic fans deserve better and they are not getting the respect they deserve from this Board .

  4. David G.Smith on

    In 1993 I was angry enough to trust Fergus McCann and put 3250 pounds on the table for my 25/25 shares…..he did not let me down.

    As a result the world wide Celtic family have a stadium to be proud of but not much else.

    Today I would not trust the current PLC board with my weekly beer money allowance.

    There is nothing intrinsically clever about any of the PLC Board out-with their ability to leech a dividend each year from a customer base who earn not much more than minimum wage for the most part.

    We stand on the edge of a worm hole from which it may well take the best part of a decade to escape its gravitational pull.

    We beat up on Lennon but he was appointed by Lawell (without due dilligence) who was permitted to do his “own thing” by the board (without due diligence) who do what the majority shareholder Desmond decrees……which by definition is strategic failure.

    The failure to secure Howe, who football record and achievements to date are nothing special it should be said, has Lawell stamped all over it.

    Celtic as a PLC are on the road to nowhere. It exists solely as a legal entity to produce a profit and disburse dividends to its qualifying shareholders.

    Lets face it Desmond et al would be nothing more than fat arsed anonymous millionaires/billionaires without a football club to promote their virtue signalling.

    If 50,000 season ticket holders are able to give 1000 pounds each we can be done with the entire circus that masquerades as business people at Celtic PLC and take control of the club for good.

    My money is on the table…..AGAIN!

    Feeding the Catholic poor does not even enter the equation FFS!