Hugh Keevins – a Muppet or a Puppet?

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HUGH KEEVINS was interviewed yesterday on Celtic TV and he apologised for his remarks in his Sunday Mail column 20 years ago regarding Celtic’s signing of Lubo Moravcik.

We have covered this already this morning and you can watch his appearance on Celtic TV HERE.

Keevins remarks from yesterday started a discussion on the new Celtic Fans forum Celtic Noise, regarding the role that Keevins has played in the media for the past few decades and this discussion is headed “Hugh Keevins – a Muppet or a Puppet?” Here’s how the conversation went…

“Just clocked Hugh Keevins ‘apology’ for doubting the suitability of Lubo as a player when he signed for Celtic 20 years ago . The bold Keevins made his authoritative declaration that Celtic should have spent the money on John Spencer rather than the unknown (to Hugh, that is), pal of Dr Jo.

It is difficult at times to determine whether Keevins is just plain dumb (i.e. a muppet) or does he know that what he says works well in the secretive world of the SMSM (i.e. a puppet).

He constantly authoritatively proclaimed that :
Neil Lennon brings it on himself (though he has changed his tune of late);

He did not accept that there was (any longer) sectarianism in the West of Scotland;

He loudly derided any suggestion that there was an agenda against Celtic – despite the many ‘Honest Mistakes’ made against them over many years;

He alone stupidly predicted that on their first season in the Scottish Premiership, Sevco would win it;

He thinks BFDJ is a pundit …and so on!

Well, is he a muppet or a puppet?”


“The guys is a muppet. I remember him slaughtering the team when Ronny managed us and calling for the guy to get sacked nearly every week, I think he took it too far at times. Since Brendan took over he seems a bit more content and he’s tearing into the zombies a bit more. I’m sure he said Slippy as appointment was bigger than Rodgers did he not? The Lubo comment will haunt him forever though. What a muppet!”


“I think it’s impossible to determine because of his all round bampottery. I think I would just settle for soup-supping walloper!”


“Being the way he is has kept him in a job for so long. I wouldn’t wish to give him the satisfaction of deriding him he probably takes pleasure from it.”


“Could never get my head round Keevins. I now just think he is another who dwells in being controversial, anything to keep him in a job. I very seldom listen to him theses days.”


“Firstly I always find it dubious when someone who “isn’t Celtic” tries to spend Celtic’s money.

Secondly he seemed to get a kick out of winding Celtic fans up and tried desperately to be controversial against us to make his snarky self relevant.

Thirdly it would suggest he was toeing the establishment line in order to maintain employment.

Findings: soup taking puppet.”


You can join in the conversation over on Celtic Noise. Signing up is very easy and you’ll be made very welcome by your fellow Celtic supporters…


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