Hugh Keevins bashing Celtic ahead of vital Dens Park game

Hugh Keevins is at it again. The bitter old hack has something against our football club these days and he doesn’t even try to hide it on the radio or writing in his Sunday newspaper column.

Today he penned an article saying that he wouldn’t trust Celtic to get one point never mind the win required at Dens Park this afternoon.

IMAGO / Shutterstock – theRangers manager Philippe Clement welcomes loan signing Fabio Silva to the new Club – 28 Dec 2023.

He pointed to our fragile defence to prove his point, and granted it’s been shaky these past few weeks, particularly last Saturday at Hampden Park in the Scottish cup semi-final win over Aberdeen (we won on penalties, Phil!), but he’s failed to point out the reality over the current situation in the title race.

That would be that Celtic are currently top of the league and in the driving seat for the league title. We got to that position not only through our own merit, but by the stuttering form of our rivals who have choked under the pressure of the challenge.

A few weeks ago Keevins and his media hordes all reckoned we would be five points behind going into the final round of fixtures. But lo and behold Shug’s golden boy Philippe Clement has seen his side drop five points after losing to relegation threatened Ross County and getting held to a stalemate at Dens Park against Dundee.

Yet not a peep from Keevins on that, imagine the boot was on the other foot? He’d be slaughtering us and praising theRangers for their character and resilience.

The only shining light is that Keevins is almost always wrong with his predictions. What a sad bitter little man who was once a proud and decent Celtic supporter.

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An ordinary everyday Celtic supporters hailing and still residing in Govan in the shadows of the enemy. I’m a season ticket holder. I Witnessed my first Celtic game in 1988 and have attended when I can ever since. Growing up in the 90s I witnessed Celtic at their lowest, and now appreciate the historic success we enjoy today. I enjoy writing about this wonderful football club and hopefully will continue to do so. I’ve always been a keen writer and initially started this a hobby. My ambition is to one day become as good an author as my fellow Celtic Star colleagues.


  1. Thank god, for a minute there I thought he was tipping us to win.

    But alas the crazy auld bast**d has reverted to form (;-0)


    • Seashantyshuggie on

      I just sent Hugh Keevins a message on twitter along with that headline, I told him he was a complete shite journalist and that he really does hate Celtic.
      They guy is a total Fud!

  2. Brian McAllister on

    Keevins is special needs.Surely you have other subjects you could cover instead of this. Nobody is interested in the moronic ramblings from Keevin’s butthole. I didn’t read your article. Try harder than regurgitating garbage from ass wipe tabloids.

  3. Outside Scotland even glasgow keevins is unknown he’s made a good living with books about Celtic_fc_1888 and players I don’t think it’s hatred that he puts Celtic down it’s editors of his weekly column it’s what they want to print and when he eventually retires he might let us know how our media editors of our daily papers work in Celtic_fc_1888 if its not bad don’t print man up keevens be your own man 50 years in the business would it not be great to write what goes on then you can look in mirror without been ashamed

  4. Hugh Keevans getting you all to do what he wants ‘talk about him’. The best thing to do is ignore and never read any nonsense he writes.

    He does it for reaction and proof people read his articles ‘ka ching’

  5. Tucobenedicto on

    There’s always a £ to be made writing negative articles about Celtic in the Scottish Media. Keevins knows this very well. Guaranteed money.