“I can’t find a whistle or anyone with the breath to blow it”: Rangers widely criticised as grand dossier reveal falls flat

The promise of the grand dossier of evidence had gripped Scottish Football for weeks, but it’s gone just about as well as we all expected.

The Rangers have a history of making empty threats and trying to bring others down rather than facing up to their own realities, and this is just the latest episode.

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It was pretty clear that they had backed themselves into a corner and were just trying to appease a certain section of their support with these antics, but all it’s done is strengthen their position as a national laughing stock.

They’ve been widely panned by the media and the SPFL over this, so here’s a selection of the Twitter reaction today:

There’s still some talk going on about how long the dossier is and people should have more time to read it before writing it off, but you feel if there was something so utterly damning to be revealed that it would be front and centre.

It’s almost fascinating to wonder where they will go from here….

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