“I don’t think you could complain”: Jamie Carragher gives his views on Celtic’s Scottish Premiership title

It speaks volumes that all of the hysteria and nonsense about the decision to end the Scottish Premiership early is purely coming from inside the country.

Everyone else can see that it was the logical thing to do and it was necessary with the current global situation, so reaction around the world seems to be fairly muted.

It’s also worth remembering that the vast majority of the season had been played out – these final standings are completely on merit, it’s not like they’ve decided to draw the winners out of a hat or anything.

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HITC reported on Jamie Carragher’s views on the situation and he seems to be largely supportive, but he feels sorry for Hearts:

“It’s not about Celtic at the top, and taking the title there. They’re not in as strong a position as Liverpool are here, but they have a sizeable lead, where I don’t think you could complain too much about Celtic being given the league.”

“I think it would be unfair for teams were to be relegated if they weren’t allowed to finish their season.”

As a Liverpool fan it would’ve been a surprise if he said anything different, but it’s worth remembering that Hearts have been dreadful all season and were headed for the drop.

A lot of the reaction has almost sounded like Hearts have been banished from football and won’t get to play again – they’ve been relegated after a terrible run of form and have the chance to build themselves back up again.

It’s also worth noting that other leagues around the world are starting to take this route of finishing early – but we’ve yet to see any teams who are distant in second place cry conspiracy and embarrass themselves in other places.

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