‘I feel I owe two people an apology,’ David Potter

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A bit of a canter, this one, and actually surprisingly easy.

St Johnstone put up more of a fight the previous two times, but today, once the first two goals went in early, they knew they were beat.

That said, Scott Bain had a good save, and if that had gone in to make it 2-1, it might just have made a difference.

I feel I owe two people an apology. I was one of those many supporters who questioned the value of Scott Sinclair, and today he took his hat-trick well. So well done Scottie, and also I remember saying a couple of games back that Scott Brown lacks a shot! Ah well, what do I know about football, anyway?

Several bonuses today. One was Oliver Burke whose running and movement was a sight to behold. It was a pity he didn’t get a goal.

Another was Jonny Hayes.

I will stick to my contention that he is not a natural left back, but he certainly showed us a lot of what he could do.

We haven’t really seen enough of Jonny for one reason of other, unfortunately, but he has stayed around and clearly has a certain versatility.

And the third bonus was the performance of Jeremy Toljan. He is a talented player.

And all that without mentioning the all-Scottish midfield of Brown, McGregor, Forrest and Christie. They were all good, but then again, that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

A very good day. The only fly in the ointment being the thought that there is a bit of a difference between St Johnstone and Valencia.

But Celtic are well prepared for their big test, although I suspect that I am not the only supporter who worries lest we take the eye off the ball for the Kilmarnock, Motherwell and Hearts games. They are all important. But we have the players to do it.

And who will we get in the Scottish Cup quarter finals?

I fancy a trip to the Highlands, where we haven’t been for a while.

David Potter

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