“I Got It Wrong” Michael Beale’s Jota Handball Admission

Michael Beale has done a lot of talking since he arrived in Glasgow – mostly about Ange Postecoglou and Celtic. A lot of that chat has been lapped up by fans at Ibrox, as taking a swipe at the club’s rivals is an easy way to get supporters on side.

However, it is results that actually matter and Beale has failed to beat Celtic on all three occasions that he has faced them. Therefore, he began talking again at full time last week, when he claimed that Celtic’s second goal should have been disallowed for a handball by Jota.

Replays showed that the ball clearly did not strike the Portuguese winger on the arm or hand as Beale and James Tavernier claimed. There has been a reluctance from the media to call this out. However, Beale has now done so himself by finally admitting he was wrong.

He told the Daily Record:

Photo: Celtic Star Editor

“I disagree with one decision and I got it wrong on another. The angle I had seen I thought it hit the boy’s arm but it hadn’t, so fair play, but I still think the first decision was the wrong one. It is up for debate but the game is gone, we can’t change the result or anything. It is a difficult job and on the day the referee goes to make the decision he sees.

“I happen to think in that moment it was wrong but across the whole game, you can’t count too many decisions that were up for debate. It was that one moment, but it was a good game and unfortunately we came off second best, I am disappointed in that more than anything else.”

Beale has now evidently backtracked, also admitting that Morelos’ disallowed goal was up for debate. As the SFA clearly stated, VAR couldn’t intervene as a clear and obvious mistake wasn’t made by the referee because Morelos had indeed put two hands on Alistair Johnston’s back and pushed him – soft though it may have been.

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  1. Rabbie Burns on

    Again he shows exactly what he is, a VERY inexperienced manager. Really stupid to have someone this inexperienced in that position with so many idiots out there taking his word as gospel truth. Media savvy/ experienced managers NEVER talk about controversial incidents and usually say they didn’t see/ will have to look at it again as they don’t want to make a complete tit of themselves on national tv and incite the knuckle draggers anymore than necessary .. but, not this clown! Trump level of stupidity, stories and lies. Naive.