“I would be surprised, I don’t think it’s a fit that works,” Simon Jordan trashes Rodgers to Celtic move

Simon Jordan, former Crystal Palace owner and talksport regular usually talks some sense, and for someone employed by talkSport that is very much going against the grain.

Simon though sailed into the murky waters of his fellow pundits and joined them in talking utter nonsense when he decided to have a pop at Brendan Rodgers when talking about the Irishman’s pending move back to Celtic.

Jordan reckons Brendan didn’t cover himself in glory at Leicester and blames him for the club’s relegation. He went on to say that Brendan built himself a big reputation while being well rewarded for it, but it irritates him that in his own words “Brendan’s done a bad job at Leicester and got away with it.”

Really? Top top six finishes an FA Cup and Charity Shield win is considered a bad job? Not to mention a run to the semi-final in the Conference League. No disrespect but that is a fine achievement for a side like Leicester City. Yes, I know they won the Title in 2016, but that was a fluke and will never happen again.

Simon has just fallen into the same shock-jock behaviour of some of his fellow colleague at talkSport. I thought he was an intelligent man, but I guess not. Here’s what he had to say this morning on talkSport about Brendan Rodgers seemingly getting set to re-join Celtic.

“If he goes back to Celtic I’m not sure what that says about where his career is going, with due respect to Celtic. But they will get a capable manager.

“I would be surprised if that was a route that either party wanted to go down. Because if you’ve got this background noise of Celtic fans are disillusioned with him or disappointed with the way he left. And unfortunately, people must be judged by their last event, he was responsible in part for this team being relegated.

“So the most important thing to remember right now is his current version. Whether that’s good enough for Celtic, whether Celtic wants to bring him back into the equation. I would be surprised, I don’t think it’s a fit that works.

“Economically it doesn’t seem to fit and for where he wants to manage, because he went to Scotland to come back to the Premier League, obviously because that’s what he did. It’s a very strange dynamic to say ‘I’ll skulk back to Scotland to give myself another opportunity to come back to the league that I actually want to manage in.’

“But if these guys have got a private jet. No-one is that narcissistic that they want someone to get on a private jet and fly out so they can tell them what they could’ve told them on the phone.”

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  1. For what it’s worth I don’t think it works either. I just don’t understand what he can achieve with us. He won everything domestically and pretty much flopped in Europe (some massive trashings). So this time around? Same again?

    For him to raise his profile again he’ll need to make a difference in Europe and that’s a big ask with the market we operate in. If he does the same job as the last time we’ll love him of course but what does that do for him?

    He’s pretty amibtious guy so a return to Celtic after he ditched us for the Premier League? What would he want to do that for?

    A lot of questions I know, and would absolutely love him if he gets us close the business end of a European tournamet, but I have my doubts.

    • Rabbie Burns on

      But … the main thing, as always is REALLY bragging rights over the Noisy Neighbours. Europe progression is just the cherry on top. In that case, he’s the best bet, easiest transition, best fit! Think most of us have mellowed to him being the manager after what Ange did to us all, Brenda is the braw ex-gf that’s also single and we can get the gether to regain the confidence lost by bein dumped at the altar by Ange (girls’s name anyway 😂)