I’d be lying if I said it didn’t worry me a bit, especially with the cup final looming

A bit off form, but nothing too much to worry about…

Callum McGregor of Celtic celebrates after scoring his team’s second goal during the Celtic vs St Mirren Cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park on May 20, 2023.. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Yesterday’s performance against St Mirren was below par to say the least. The second home game in a row we’ve dropped two points and seven dropped out of our last twelve in total.

The psychological effect of winning the title is evident for all to see. The players don’t look as organised and committed as before, that same sharpness and fluency that has served us so well this campaign is no longer there.

Kyogo Furuhashi of Celtic reacts at full time during the Celtic vs St Mirren Cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park on May 20, 2023 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t worry me a bit, especially with the cup final looming, but it’s only natural that a side take their foot of the gas when there is nothing to play for. The defensive situation is also a bit of a concern as we look very vulnerable without the presence of Cameron Carter Vickers at the back. He’s proving to be a void very difficult to fill indeed, proving how vital he’s been to our title success.

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Hopefully we’ll see an improvement starting at Easter road on Wednesday night. Regardless I’m sure we’ll see a very different attitude when the cup final comes around. That competitive edge will be in the mind again and I’m confident that will see our A game return.

Winning the treble will be a tremendous achievement and the last few games will be confined to history and remembered for what they are, relatively meaningless fixtures.

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  1. Jim O'Rourke on

    Motherwell at home should have been the wake up call but its not been and we have stumbled through the games since even hearts away although we won we never played great. I said it last week CCV missing we leak goals. Main had 5 scoring chances yesterday and from first minute to last he caused us problems. As sad as it is to say Ralston isn’t good enough even as cover for RB position.

  2. If they are charging hundreds for a season ticket and 30 quid for a ticket there is a responsibility to entertain. It is really disappointing to see the ‘We never stop’ mantra abandoned. I remember all too vividly the dark days and am willing to see what we have achieved and cut the players a bit of slack as the season ends. But if we are being honest Celtic have been poor for a couple of months. These results have been coming. How many recent games have been summarised as ‘not at our best’ and that includes recent victories against them. We deserved nothing yesterday, they should have won by two goals. Time to pull the finger out and give us a couple of decent performances before the Cup Final. If we go into the Cup Final with one win in six, which is possible if we play as we have been, it will be very nervy. We don’t look as if we can break teams down. What will we be like if we go one behind to ICT. Panic Stations. Sort it out now.

  3. Heed the breed on

    Ange knows what he’s doing lol.
    I’ve been saying for a few weeks now but especially the last 2 game’s especially against ze hunz away from home we have struggled no two way’s about it.
    My concern in Champions league we’ll get found out will ange stick to his mantra or go defensive 10 men behind the ball .
    I honestly want us to be against teams in Champions league but I just think we’ll be there to make the numbers up.
    Not even in Europe after Xmas which saddens me .
    How can we move forward when we’ve struggled against our so called rivals and St Mirren.

  4. Teams are doing everthing to keep the game moving time waisting referees allowing it it working against us uts that bad you could put an davert break in live tv games yes the refs allow it but its ruining the game no wonder st Mirren cant get there ground even half full maybe they only do it or allowed to by referee against Celtic robinson thinks its great might look good on points table but its cheating and the refs are to but nothing new about that goaljeeoer booked thats that then we can play football