Incoming CEO at the Rangers Fuels Ticket Allocation Dispute with Celtic

Soon to be theRangers CEO James Bisgrove has confirmed that Glasgow Derby games will have a maximum of 800 away fans next season.

He also called any return to the traditional allocation “very unlikely”.

Celtic fans at Ibrox on 2 January, the last time you’ll see our supporters in that corner.

For both sets of fans but Celtic fans in particular, these comments will be seen as extremely disappointing.

Glasgow derbies have not been the same since theRangers cut the away allocation all the way back in 2018 causing the feud between both clubs, and to hear an incoming CEO speak so negatively about a possible return to a traditional allocation seems petty and small-minded.

In the fourth Glasgow Derby this season Celtic rejected the opportunity to take a minimal number of away tickets with the club being offered just 700 tickets, due to safety concerns for the Celtic supporters in that little corner at Ibrox. One fan whad a bottle smashed against his head in the that corner at the New Year Glasgow Derby which ended 2in a 2-2 draw.

Shocking scenes at Ibrox on 2 January 2023 where this Celtic supporter was had his head split open by a Buckfast bottle thrown by a Rangers supporter.

Celtic supporters will be hoping that the club issues a strong statement addressing these comments and take their own lead regarding ticket allocations for Glasgow Derbies next season, outlining the club’s proposals that can at lease be debated.

What Celtic cannot accept is a return of the 700 supporters in that corner as sitting ducks for whatever lawlessness that comes their way from both sides and from the stands above. It is entirely unacceptable and should in normal circumstances result in a threat to the Ibrox club’s safety certificate. Remember this is a stadium where broadcaster and pundit Chris Sutton is not allowed entry because the latest Ibrox cannot guarantee his safety.

Shocking scenes at Ibrox on 2 January 2023 where this Celtic supporter was had his head split open by a Buckfast bottle thrown by a Rangers supporter.

theRangers provided the necessary allocation for Liverpool fans for the Champions League match at Ibrox last season where the English side hammered theRangers 7-1. If they can provide higher numbers of away supporters for European matches why can’t they do it for Celtic.

Bisgrove also signalled progress on introducing a safe standing area at Ibrox and this is most likely going to be located in the Broomloan Road stand. That effectively will end any chance of a return the the traditional Celtic allocation ay Ibrox since their stadium was developed by the old club’s owners over forty years ago.

Tomorrow 60,000 Celtic supporters will celebrate an eleven title in twelve seasons.

Watch Bisgrove’s interview below…

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  1. Heed the breed on

    IMO don’t take any too much hassle and that includes at Parkhead too we don’t want or need the inbreds of the third reich.

  2. Rabbie Burns on

    We all know why they did it .. money, simple! Same reason they can’t reverse it.