Invest or be doomed to be just Champions League cannon-fodder

We need to re-think our strategy if all we want is to be just a little bit better than theRangers…

After a heavy European defeat questions are raised over Celtic’s ability to compete at the top level, and rightly so. Many supporters believe that if we want to compete we have to re-think the transfer strategy we currently deploy.

Yes, it’s worked wonders, but just at domestic level, it’s never served us well in the European front. We have bought some decent players and sold them on for a more than handsome profit, that’s fine but we need to reinvest properly to replace those players we sell.

The only people who are benefiting at the moment is the money men behind the scenes as the club’s bank account has never been so healthy.

Celtic’s Northern Irish coach Brendan Rodgers gestures during a press conference at the Metropolitano stadium in Madrid, on November 6, 2023, on the eve of their UEFA Champions League Group E football match against Club Atletico de Madrid. (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)

Yes the Board have worked wonders for us and have made us financially stable while also enjoying domestic success, but the supporters who pour their hard earned cash into the club want more, and that is a realistic expectation considering the monies at our disposal.

Those running Celtic need to ask themselves the question, are we content at just enjoy being top dogs in Scotland or do we want to aim higher and try and be competitive in Europe? That’s what Ange Postecoglou was telling us was the plan this time last year was it not?

No one is under any illusions that we are going to win anything, but maybe qualification from the Champions League group stage or a run in the Europa League – remember that theRangers got to the final just last season so it can be done.

It’s not out of the question, but to do that we need to invest in some quality players. It’s a must if we want to make inroads in Europe and stop being the whipping boys and that was even the case in our totally unsuccessful matches in the Conference league too.

Do the hierarchy at Celtic want that though? It’s highly doubtful on the evidence before us and that is not good enough. It’s clearly a case of profit before ambition. The next two transfer windows are huge for Celtic and it’s no longer going to be a case of the fans getting excited about a few more project signings.

We need a quality goalkeeper, a quality left-back, a quality striker and that’s just for starters.  Or we are doomed to be just Champions League cannon-fodder, winning our league followed by bottom of the group finishes.

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  1. Absolutely… We rightly argue about the CL being a closed shop – which it is and to UEFA’s shame, but our continual underachievement, via a serious lack of player investment, will do hee-haw to change opinions on our value. The board should save their energy from all the sabre rattling over the GB and focus on spending the fans money more wisely.