Is Celtic’s Premiership Dominance Reflected in FC24?

Is Celtic’s Premiership Dominance Reflected in FC24?

The Scottish Premiership has been the same for decades: there’s Celtic then there’s a Rangers, then there’s everyone else.  Other than of course the gap between 2012 and 2016 when there was no Rangers at all in the Scottish Premiership after the old club went bust and a Phoenix club started in the bottom tier of the Scottish game.

While theRangers have their moments, Celtic have enjoyed a period of unparalleled dominance in the Scottish Premiership, with the recent league win marking a 12th title win in 13 seasons for the Hoops.

But while Celtic fans experience and thoroughly enjoy the club’s glory on the pitch on a regular basis, many are left wondering whether Celtic’s domination of the league translates into FC24. After all, how does one compare a team at the top of their league to, say, squads in the English Premier League?

Let’s take a look at whether Celtic’s dominance is shown in FC24.

Celtic’s Real-Life Supremacy

Celtic’s success comes from a few different places, each of which have significant impact on their influence and longevity as the most successful club in the Scottish game.

First, Celtic invest heavily in youth development and signing young players. While this may seem like a strange place to start, it’s key for a club in a less popular league. Let’s face it; most players in the UK want to be playing in the English Premier League. The reason for that is simple—it’s the most prestigious and viewed football league in the world. That means that Celtic sometimes struggles to attract world-class talent in the face of our noisy neighbour.

By prioritising young players with high potential, Celtic has become a club which consistently rears top talent to sell at a high price. While this talent does eventually move to larger clubs, the fact that they start in Celtic is a key element in keeping Celtic at the top of the table—filled with fresh energy, big dreams and innovative new approaches.

Second, Celtic is a team of strong managers. Managers like Brendan Rodgers and Ange Postecoglou have instilled a winning mentality in the entire club—from the players to the training staff. This, paired with youth development focused approach, keeps Celtic wanting to remain at the top of the league even though it’s sat comfortably there for more than a decade now, barring the Covid season when theRangers won their one and only title.

Third, Celtic simply has more resources than all  of the opposition.  Celtic has more money in the bank that every club in Scottish football – including theRangers – added together. Being a relatively small league, Scottish Premiership clubs are aa mixed bag when it comes to funding. Celtic, however, is not. They have plenty of resources allowing them to nurture new talent, secure new players and, importantly, retain key players.

How Does FC24 Simulate Celtic’s Dominance?

In FC24, player ratings and team chemistry are used to determine their performance. While these come set out of the box, they also respond to how the team and players are performing in their real world league. They also take into account the team chemistry, seeing how players work together over extended periods—including how well those squads have won silverware together.

Celtic’s overall rating is 74, in FC24. With their top players Callum McGregor, Reo Hatate and Kyogo Furuhashi weighting in at 79, 78 and 77 respectively.

For any FC fan, it’s clear that these numbers are nothing to write home about. For Celtic fans, this is quite disappointing given that their squad is so strong in the Scottish Premiership, but holds up so poorly in overall rankings.

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Potential Shortcomings of FC24’s Representation

FC struggles when it comes to smaller football leagues, given that it tries to represent the entire world of GLOBAL football in one game—with every single player and squad landing on their ranking scale somewhere under 100.

But Celtic fans have repeatedly pointed out that their club feels underwhelming given its reputation and consistent performance. The reason for this could come from a few places.

• First it could be the fact that tactical play doesn’t reflect well in FC’s systems. In other words, the point-ratings are based off the average of player rating in the squad—not how that team actually performs. Thus, Celtic’s highly tactical squad loses out given that it doesn’t have a roster full of star players.

• Second, it doesn’t put Celtic in context with financial power not being fully reflected.

Other Ways to Gauge Dominance

While FC24 has great ways of rating squads, it may be time to broaden its calculations to include factors such as league position and points accumulated, head-to-head records against teams from other leagues and their domestic cup success. Taken together, Celtic may find itself receiving a significant boost in the FC rankings.

It’s Complex

Celtic is a great, grand old team with supporters across the globe. It’s understandably disappointing for such a high-profile club to be relatively underwhelming in FC24. While this has been the case for a long time in EA’s franchise history, time will tell whether the developers begin ranking teams differently—based more on performance, history and tactics rather than simply a cumulation of individual players. After all, a squad like Celtic is certainly more than the sum of its parts.

Over the past decade and a half there has been no club in world football that comes close to matching the winning machine that is Celtic and that surely deserves recognition on a global platform like FC24.

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