Israelis using Liel Abada in propaganda campaign against Green Brigade

Yet more lies are being peddled as Israelis use Liel Abada in propaganda campaign against Green Brigade but just like yesterday it won’t work…

Yesterday it was Israeli national team manager who was allowed to spout damn right lies about our supporters with the gleeful assistance of the Scottish mainstream media. Today it’s the turn of Israeli player Eran Zahawi.

The Maccabi Tel Aviv captain has said that it was his former international team mate Liel Abada who was responsible for the banning of the Green Brigade!

He said that “In the case of Liel Abada, you see that his club revoked season tickets to people who supported Hamas and that’s solely because of Liel’s Actions”.  What a load of rubbish!

Firstly he has no knowledge of the club revoking season tickets and no one amongst the support has shown any support whatsoever to Hamas. It’s a total fabrication. Celtic clearly stated the reasons for their decision and whether you agree with them or not or even doubt whether the reasons stated where indeed the real reasons for the ban,  even that it would have nothing to do with anything Liel Abada said or was talked to about.

Eran Zahawi is using Liel Abada to further his own position which is to attack the Celtic support for their support of the Palestinian people. He is well aware that the world is waking up to what’s happening in Gaza and support for the Israeli state is diminishing with every innocent child bombed to death.

That though has nothing to do with Liel Abada and no-one at Celtic thinks that it does, indeed Abada is a hugely popular Celtic player – one how has a song in his honour.

You’d think the media would think twice especially after yesterday’s lies were exposed. They love nothing more than negativity surrounding our club, especially when we are so successful on the park.

This can’t be allowed to continue and our club should show some backbone and take them to task once and for all. We don’t want some half hearted statement like the one they put out yesterday. We want a full pubic statement from Celtic, on the club’s official website and posted on social media channels and for the media and those responsible for to be held accountable by the club.

They should be demanding a full retraction and an apology by those spreading these vicious lies. It’s got to stop and the club have got to get their finger out. Letting it pass is unacceptable.

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  1. Received via email

    I am writing to you from TURKEY, your stance has defeated the double standards all over the world. I congratulate you. Your support for the oppressed will always be remembered as a great example of humanity.
    You have won the hearts of millions of people around the world with what you have done, we are proud of you and I will always be proud to be your supporter. Kind regards
    Hacı Sağlam

  2. When people lie to get their point across you know it’s because they are in the wrong. Most Celtic fans support the right of Palestinians to control their own destiny in their own state free from oppression. I am 100% behind the people of Palestine and I am the same for Liel Abada.

    • If a portion of the Celtic support didnt fly the palestinian flag there would be no issue outside scottish palariment or city chambers not a sports arena politics ruin our live all day lets have couple of hours just watching our team

  3. The player is talking nonsense. but I think he might be trying to to help Abada. After what has gone on these last couple of weeks There will be people over there looking at Abada and asking how he can play for us, in fact I would be surprised if it has not been suggested to him it would be in his interest to leave the club whether he want’s to or not. Have a bit of sympathy for the guy, he is in a bit of a predicament through no fault of his own. Doubt Abada will play for us again.

  4. Our sympathies are with Liel Abada in the very difficult situation he has found himself in through no fault of his own .I hope everything works out for this young player and that he achieves whatever his ambition and wherever it is.