It’s glaringly obvious Butland’s words are scripted from inside Ibrox

Butland’s comments yesterday provide further prove that theRangers players and managers alike are well versed in what to say to the media…

We all know theRangers,  like the majority of their fanbase are deluded. Their players and managers also seem to buy into the sheer delusion, or do they? Are they being coached by the powers that be in what to say in their press interviews to stay on message with their support.

It always seems to intensify when the season ticket renewals approach but up until the weekend’s defeat at Dingwall the Bears were perfectly happy and renewals would not have been much a concern for the Ibrox moneymen.  In the first half, their support was even singing that wee song, what was it? Something like ‘up you Celtic we’re gonna win the league, we’re gonna win the league.”

Though we never heard it in the second half, did we?

For 12 years now we’ve listened to some of the crazy quotes that come from the many managers and players of the Ibrox club, some of them who had no emotional connection to the club before they arrived in Glasgow.

Ross County interim manager Don Cowie looks towards Rangers manager Philippe Clement as the final whistle sounds. Clement did not shake hands with Cowie at full-time Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

Big Phil is now continuing that tradition with his crazy quips on a daily basis and yesterday it was the turn of the second best English goalkeeper in Glasgow, Jack Butland.

Michael Beale, Manager of theRangers, reacts during the Cinch Scottish Premiership defeat to at Ibrox Stadium on September 03, 2023 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

He allowed himself to be convinced he was in with a shot of being in Gareth Southgate’s Euro squad, and has now added to the manufactured hype coming from Ibrox by spouting yet more scripted drivel.

Butland rallying cry to the media pack was a James Traynor Esque moment. Super Jack proclaimed that people have had a habit of ‘writing the Rangers off for a long time’ ‘they wrote us off at the start of the season, they wrote us off when the new manager arrived’ he continued.

It just proves that no matter how super Jack is, he can’t see he’s being played like a fiddle, either that or he’s just been caught up under the delusional cloud that hovers around Ibrox.

No one has ever written that club off this season, especially in the media. We can all remember them proclaiming that they were going to rule the world under Michael Beale last summer. Even when big Phil arrived he was heralded as a superstar with big things expected.

Just like Steven Gerrard’s famous ‘the refs have had it in for The Rangers’ comments after only his first game in charge of the club, Butland’s words are scripted from inside Ibrox. It’s glaringly obvious to anyone with a brain.

A  Rangers fan alone in the stand after the final whistle. Ross County 3 theRangers 2.Dingwall, 14 April 2024. Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

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  1. John Copeland on

    I wonder why the Rangers hierarchy decided that Jack Butland was the correct mouthpiece to face the press yesterday and sermonise about how they are definitely going to out perform all other clubs to win the league ? We are talking about the same Jack Butland who has been on ‘ loan ‘ at 7 different clubs throughout his short ,career ,aren’t we ? I mean he’s really not in any position to lecture other folks about ‘ failure’ …is he ? Or ,maybe he is ! Silly me .