It’s not just Aberdeen, the Rangers lie down to Celtic too

The (penalty to) theRangers supporters left looking very foolish over their Aberdeen ‘conspiracy’ moans…

“I’m sure Barry will have absolutely no problem in getting them up for the next game, that’s for sure because Rangers are in town. Fact. It’s true,” Kris Boyd on Sky Sports from Celtic Park yesterday afternoon after Celtic defeated Aberdeen 6-0.

The (penalty to) theRangers supporters have been making the most of our thumping of Aberdeen and have been busy pushing phantom conspiracies. Rather than admit we are a decent side they have re-stated that old chestnut of Aberdeen lying down to Celtic.

One twitter user even posted the Dons record against Celtic since 2016, and admittedly it looks poor on Aberdeen’s part but of conversely impressive from a Celtic perspective. But rather than push the conspiracy narrative doesn’t it just show that Celtic are clearly and consistently the better side? Of course it does. It doesn’t take a genius to work that one out.

One demented Bear even commented that Aberdeen have a history of hiring Celtic supporters as managers and players. How do they known what team every single player has a club allegiance to? Of course he doesn’t know at all.

As for the managers, Derek McInnes was the Aberdeen manager for most of the games counted in their ‘conspiracy’ stats. We all know Del-boy is as staunch as they come. Was he in on the conspiracy too? They didn’t say. McInnes is a manager who never has a good word to say about our club, a bit like those conspiracy theory pushers themselves.

No of course he isn’t, it’s just that he and his players weren’t good enough the beat the champions. The same goes for Stephen Glass, Jim Goodwin and currently Barry Robson who all followed after him.

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers reacts during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Aberdeen at Celtic Park Stadium on November 12, 2023 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

A twitter account by the handle @SPFLnews7 silenced them all with a cracker of a reply.

It reads: Brendan Rodgers current record

Played Aberdeen 15 times lost 1

Played The Rangers 14 times lost 1.

It’s pretty clear that all of Scottish football lie down to Celtic! Drop that mic.

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