It’s not outrageous to question the quality of our football

It might feel outrageous to question an unbeaten ten game run Brendan, but it’s not so outrageous to question the quality of our football…

David Watson scores with a header to tie the score 1-1 during time added on after 90 minutes. Celtic v Kilmarnock, Scottish Premiership, Celtic Park, 17 February 2024. Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

Brendan Rodgers spoke today about how our unbeaten run of ten games feels more like eight defeats and two draws. Yes it may seem ridiculous to the outside world that we are frothing at the mouth at such a record, but sometimes the stats hide the true story.

This is one of these occasions. We may be unbeaten in our last ten games, but we’ve underperformed and been lucky not to suffer a defeat or witness even more stalemates. We’ve also lost top place in the table as a result, so we have every right to feel aggrieved.

Brendan is an intelligent man, he knows this fine well, he’s just went into defensive mode as he try’s to deflect himself from the ever growing flak heading his way from the supporters.

Like Brendan we also ain’t daft and can see what’s unfolding in front of our very eyes. We pay good money to watch the side play, and for the majority of the season we’ve been served up nothing but mediocrity, and that’s being kind.

We expect a manager who is paid such a handsome salary to do so much better. He’s the best paid manager in the league and has the biggest budget, he and the players should be serving up better, that’s non negotiable.

Yes Brendan it may feel outrageous to question such a record, but it’s not so outrageous to ask such questions of the quality of football we have had to watch especially since the winter break.

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  1. For myself anyway, the quality of our football has been dire for very long periods to date this season imo.
    We have seen glimpses of what we are still capable of producing but yet to see any form of consistency whatsoever.
    Course injuries have played there part, but to this degree?
    Was patient enough before the winter break, and to get worse since the restart, actually has me fuming at Rodgers approach as things stand?
    Got no idea about what we will produce on Sunday, and will take a win of any description at this stage of the season?
    Very underwhelming outlook for our team, especially when we expect and are use to getting far better, especially within the SPFL?
    But we are where we are currently, with confidence very low throughout the team presently?
    Our style of play in general has been dire and woeful and certainly unsuitable for the quality and established players we still have within our squad?
    That still remains the biggest failure upon Rodgers imo?
    Yet the nature of football can mean things can be turned around very quickly?
    Hasn’t been much on show of late to suggest we will, but one great performance can still change everything for ourselves still?
    Get the performances right and the confidence show grow?
    Still enough quality within this Celtic team to win this title, even if the margins for error have gone now.
    Hopefully we still have enough to handle the extra pressure we’ve placed upon ourselves?
    But again enough within the squad who have dealt with this factor before and been able to deliver?
    Not convinced about the unity within the squad and far to many key players don’t seem to be enjoying there football at present, which is a concern, even moreso with such a lack of confidence on show within our play?
    Only agree with Rodgers, when he says that everything for the remainder of this season, is still within our own hands, but we have to start delivering now?