James Forrest may be the man who can make it happen for Celtic

I think everyone understood explicitly what Brendan Rodgers meant a while ago about James Forrest being the best winger at the club, when the decorated veteran instantly changed the complexion of the game on Saturday afternoon.

Many grumbled when the Irishman said this about the former Scotland international and questioned the wisdom in saying it when he barely starts. In fact he NEVER starts these days.

If they were in doubt, however, that cameo at the weekend would have explained to the finest detail what Rodgers meant when he uttered those words that puzzled a few people.
His close control and penetration in the final third was beautiful to watch, as was his variation when attacking the Aberdeen defence, who for the first time in the match, looked like the team that’s dangling above the relegation zone.

It was a masterful performance from Jamesy and I just hope to goodness that Yang Hyun-jun was watching from the sidelines. The South Korean hit a bit of a purple patch before his sending off at Tyncastle last month, but since he has come back from suspension and back into this Celtic side, he’s looked every bit the player we saw earlier on in the campaign; one who has undoubted talent, but that needs a loan to get games and develop.

If he’s clever, part of that development will have come from watching James Forrest in training every day and also witnessing in his brief appearances these days, the tools that are required to cut it at the highest level with this football club. Remember, James hasn’t just done this in Scotland and the domestic game, he’s also performed on the international stage and European competition. This is what Yang should be aspiring to do himself, if he has any sense.

But as far as this season is concerned, James may be the man to see us across the line in both the Scottish Premiership and Scottish Cup Final. It’s clear with Daizen Maeda being out for the foreseeable future that we need someone we can hang our hat on and that isn’t Yang Hyun-jun at the moment I’m afraid to say.

Yes, he’s had spells and flashes but that’s simply not good enough when you’re competing for titles and trophies. Likewise, Luis Palma’s recent contribution has been underwhelming and for all Nicolas Kühn’s good performances in the last few games, he’s tailed off a bit too.

The stage is set for a hero to emerge, it just so happens he’s been in our midst all along…

Jamesy Forrest can help deliver Celtic three-in-a-row.

Paul Gillespie

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